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How to import and edit MOGRT files in Premiere Pro? | Tutorial

How easy to import and edit MOGRT files in Premiere Pro? You will find out by watching this Tutorial.

Everything about MOGRT files right here⤵️
❓ 00:00- Start
❓ 00:08- What is MORGT files
❓ 00:27- Where to download
❓ 00:40- How to import/open them in Premiere Pro 3 WAYS
❓ 02:06- How to customize MORGT

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  1. how can i edit mogrt graphic template when i can change just color and text in essential graphic? nothing more ..and i need to make some words smaller

  2. Hi, great video, very intuitive. Can you advise if it is possible to save edited mogrt's used from 3rd party sources and then save them for future projects? The option to export as "motion graphics template" greyed out! That is if that is how to save edited mogrts. Thanks you

  3. Hello sir. When I enlarge my mogrt it becomes unsharp. Especially the text. How to fix that ? In AE i can click the star icon but in Premiere dont have. Appreciate your help

  4. Hay I love your videos. I have one problem, hope you can help : When I make an AE and export as a MOGRT and use it in Premiere it becomes blur when I make it bigger. Any ideas ? Thanks

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