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How to get RSMB for After Effects CC 2015 Mac

Download Link –!jdYFQRrT!QY0Yt_3LsOGwLO1ZOxNqCZZzxL_Eu5UKNlM8YMeAZso

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  1. I've been looking for this straight up really simple tutorial without. watermark for hours!! all the others didn't work on Mac

  2. If you get a watermark, make sure that your CC is underneath RSMB. When I deleted my CC, it got rid of the watermark – AE CC 2018

  3. yess it works. if any of you guys have the solid red picture come up and you can't see your video when you try and place the rsmb, there's a drop thingy on top that says "None" click on that and click on whichever layer you put your rsmb thingy. I'm bad at explaning sorry

  4. Followed everything directly, and everything works! If you have cc 2017 like i do, just click 'other option' or whatever it says at the bottom 🙂 Make sure to drag the folder into plug-ins tho..Really just follow the video, everything is correct.

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