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How to Fix Shaky Video in Premiere Pro with Warp Stabilizer Effect (Tutorial)

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  1. I have the problem that when using warp stabilizer, it kind of focuses on certain perspectives during its analyse mode and as a result, it focuses on things during the shot. When these objects get out of the frame it jumps back to another object to focus its stabilize process on. Does anyone know of a workaround of this problem?

  2. damn, this is super informational and helpful. my dad has been teaching basic filmmaking, but even he did not discover this part of adobe premiere pro yet. thank you so much! im applying these techniques for my school projects ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Life saver. Used this on a client's videos where we shot 7 short videos and my phone decided to create a wobble thoughout them with auto focus. Fixed the entire problem without having to have her reshoot all 7 videos. Thank you!!!!

  4. just got crane m2 for my zv 1 and this video make me want to return it save some cash.. tks.. rather invest wide angle lens $50 and try to shoot steady as possible than $269 gimbal.. either solve the issue and effort but this video is what i really learn more! tks

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