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How to Edit Gaming Subtitles (Premiere Pro 2020)

Here it is folks, the ultimate guide to editing gaming subtitles. You asked, I giveth. It’s a big one, I spent many months figuring out the tricks to doing it right, from being the most gruelling part of the editing experience to now being an actually rather enjoyable part of the creative process.

I hope this helps you guys, I’m not doing this for any other reason other than to try and help some gamers out and entertain whilst doing so! Leave a comment and get in touch. Love you guys. Take care and wash them hands of yours…!

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The video example in this video is a clip from a video I have coming up sometime soon where me and RizzleDigz play Onward VR.
Please go check out his new video which is that session from his point of view- it’s a seriously insane video! (Let’s get him to 1K soon pls)
Video Link:

Editing software in this video: Premiere Pro CC2020. I got this software from Adobe, not for free. If you want to try it out, head over to their website and download the free trial here:
(no this isn’t sponsored)

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Thanks for watching How to Edit Gaming Subtitles (Premiere Pro 2020)

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  1. Since this is a text video, i have a text question:
    In videos, I see an affect on the text where each letter will pop in seperately from the other in a smooth motion, from one side to the other. An example would be On joshdub's most popular video.

  2. Hey Fin this gonna be a silly question but when I move my text every few frames with my mouse by dragging it doesnt make a keyframe or save the adjustment to position idk what I'm doing wrong lol

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