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How To Easily Create A Lyric Video in Premiere Pro

➡️ Check out the Lyric Video Template we used in this video:

In this video we show you how you can easily make a lyric video using Kinetic Typography! This way of presenting text provides a way to infuse energy into your shots! Lyric videos can seem challenging to create, but with a template they’re super easy!

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How To Easily Create A Lyric Video

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  1. Great video, but does one need Adobe "After Effects" to use the templates you are using? I tried to bring them in, but premiere pro says can use them without after effects. The Premier Pro text graphics are WAY more primitive.

  2. Thank god I tried one of the "free" ones first (there are only a few) and they're crap! I signed up so now I get to be spammed by these guys, but trying to do a simple lyric video and the text disappeared off the sides with no way to compensate with any of their "easy" adjustments. Air quotes are because the guy says how "easy" it is about a dozen time in the How To video. They also don't mention what sequence settings to use, but everything I tried caused the type to have to be re-rendered E V E R Y single time I made a minor change.

  3. Do not use Motion Array they have stolen 2 months from my account after downgrading account! I've just heard back from your support Motion Array and you've said you've no proof I downgraded. I would not give them access to your card information as they may continue to take your money even after you leave.

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