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How to Cut and Merge Videos Together?

Need to merge videos? Try one of the best video cutter and merger and learn how to stitch videos together for free!

Download Movavi Video Suite 15 – a video combiner, cutter and editor app that’s truly handy and easy-to-use. Using the Movavi video cutting software, anyone can join video files together into a complete movie!

Isn’t it great to have your camera or cell phone ready for the best moments so they are captured on video! Have some great shots? Why not merge video files together and create a complete video out of your favorite footage? In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to trim videos, cut off the unwanted frames and merge clips together making your own video story.
Our video of how to cut videos and put them together will be useful then you’ll decide to create your own movie.
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So, you were filming your family, friends or yourself with multiple takes. How to combine two video clips into one? How to cut out parts of a video that aren’t necessary? To do this, you need a video cutter and joiner program like Movavi Video Suite.

Simply import all the clips for your movie into the program. You don’t have to worry about the files format. Movavi Video Suite recognizes all the major video and audio formats, which makes it an mov, avi, mp4 and other formats video joiner you can rely on. Once you add your footage onto the timeline, it’s already merged without any gaps! The Movavi Team really wanted to make the editing fun and easy – you don’t need to apply any merger tools in order to join multiple clips together. Still, you can combine the video clips any way you want by dragging them and putting into a certain order.

Cut the video if your story requires the clips to be rearranged. Place the red marker to the moment where you want to cut the clip. The preview window will help you define the moment for cutting. Use the video splitter tool – the scissors icon on the toolbar. It will split a clip into two parts. Repeat splitting with the other clips if necessary. There is no trimmer needed – you can trim a clip by dragging its edges on the timeline. If there are unwanted scenes, select them and click Delete. Arrange the clips according your artistic idea! Movavi Video Suite will join them automatically creating a complete movie.

Movavi Video Suite is much more than a video splicer and cutting tool! Take a look at its transition library – dozens of presets will let you combine the clips in a more advanced entertaining way!

Download Movavi Video Suite and try our best video merger and cutter app for free! Join video files together and make your own movie in no time!

For Windows:
Movavi Video Editor for Mac here:

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  1. Not good… I don't like the watermark in THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN! Its hugeeee. If your going to make a editing app dont add watermarks they are fairly annoying and embarrassing if you do.. make it reasonable size and in the corner.

  2. I tried the Movavi plus for Movavi but my trial is over. And I might not be able to buy an activation key. 🙁

    And yes, Movavi Plus worked REALLY good. Thank you so much.

  3. hey movavi ive been having a trouble merging my videos on your software, the output after exporting my project appears just the same of the raw video..pls help me im really having a hard time with your software..:(

  4. Hello here… Any reaction of Movavi team to my question below: I didn't get it: this lesson is called "Cut & Merge" – but where is MERGE??? All pieces of different videos remain separated at the end of the exercise! How can we melt all this separated pieces together into one integrated undivided video piece?

  5. I didn't get it: this lesson is called "Cut & Merge" – but where is MERGE??? All pieces of different videos remain separated at the end of the exercise! How can we melt all this separated pieces together into one integrated undivided video piece?

  6. I can walk around the whole world and the video is still uploading can you try to fix the time that it takes? because iv'e had these kind of editing software that works and does the same as yours and they do it much much much faster.

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