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How to Correct ❛ Light Sweeps ❜ ♦ Tutorial || Adobe After Effects

Program: Adobe After Effects

Hi guys! It’s been about 6 months since I last made a tutorial, and I was in the mood! Yay ‘shelter-in-place’!
So, light sweeps are fantastic features in After Effects, and they really took off in the last few years in the Disney editing community! Lots of people use them really nicely, but sometimes I notice editors using them in a way where they inadvertently make these little straight lines of light on the edges of the mask. Here is my little method of making sure that doesn’t happen!

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  1. I LOVE the fact you covered this cause I've been noticing those issues too <33 Thank you for the tutorial!
    There's an alternative method I use a lot too, if that helps anyone as well!! It's especially useful for me when I can't zoom in further on the clip (cause sometimes that just ain't an option with masks xD) or if I don't wanna change around the lighting direction or width:

    1) Add the motion tile effect to the clip (I think it's under the 'Stylize' category, but you can also search for it in the effects search bar <3)
    2) check the 'mirror edges' box and then change the output width and height so it's greater than 100.0
    3) make sure the motion tile effect is placed BEFORE the lightsweep effect (it basically tricks the layer into thinking that there's more of your mask going on and that the edge of the clip doesn't actually 'crop out' part of the character <3)

    It can get a tiny bit funky sometimes if it's a rounded edge, but I find it works really well most of the time! <33

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