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How to Cast on – Long tail cast on – Online Knitting Tutorials for Beginners
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watch slow version and high quality videos to learn how to cast on knitting.
Find videos related to basic stitches , Increasing and Decreasing , simple patterns and more and more videos for intermediate and advanced learners at:

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  1. im still fairly new at knitting and i have to look at videos every time for casting on, but after i found this one all i have to do is listen to the music and i remember how to do it. thank you!

  2. Good video showing the method, but one important thing you didn't address is how much of a tail to start out with. Consider needing to cast on 120 sts and when you get to the 100th cast on you find that you underestimated the tail length. Not very many people are going to be happy having to start over.

  3. I know how to knit I just hadn’t been able to in a few years because I needed surgery, now that I can knit again it took forever to find a video that explained it easily and didn’t make it mor confusing than it needed to be. Thank you!

  4. I have been looking for a slow and detailed viewing for knitting, for four years!!!! Thank you!! Now…. I have to figure out how to actually knit a blanket, Bc once you use up the tail what do you do?!?

  5. I just took up knitting and still check certain things when beginning a new project. I have been using your channel for help, and confidence as I step into this wonderful way to craft. I love it. A big thank you to you!

  6. Omg, thank you so much for this video! I haven't knit in a few years and couldn't remember how to cast on. This is exactly the method I learned when I was younger. I did have the fingers and most of the gestures right, but I kept on putting the tail end in the wrong place.

    Every other ones I found before this one kept on using techniques I wasn't familiar with and found far too cumbersome, complicated or round about. Simple to say I'm grateful for this.

  7. I just watched like 3 videos over and over again I couldn't get past the casting on portion and after watching this video I realized that I wasn't letting go of the thread on my thumb so I wasn't creating any type of Loop and that's why I couldn't even get started. Thank you for your video!

  8. Oh my goodness thank you!
    I'm a beginner and every time I cast on I would always have this sloppy loose beginning
    Very frustrating
    Your video was nice and slow so I could follow around and now my knitting and perfect!!! Thank you!!!

  9. i love the rawness of just showing the process as oppose to trying to put it into words for each phase of learner to comprehend. i find this WAY helpful! much appreciated!

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