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How to add video layer in kinemaster | kinemaster editing tips | Mobile Guruji

How to add video layer in kinemaster,

Lucky patcher :

Root browser:

Video layer file:

kinemaster latest mod 4.12.1 Download link :

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  1. ok uh here is an easier way if u are not sure (not sure if you can download the file they gave you cause it said it can have a virus)

    1st step:
    download a recorder (I'm using screenrecorder)

    2nd step:
    now record the thing u wanna put in

    3rd step:
    once your done with that, click on the layer

    4th step:
    now click the screencapture and pick the video you wanna put in

    and just put it in the place you want it to be, and now there you go! you have video in your screenshot/video 🙂

    btw yes, you can have a video in a video it will just lag a bit ^^

    ty for reading! I hope this didn't confuse you. <3

  2. Thats old kinemaster
    It goes: Media, Effect, Sticker, Text, Handrifting
    Old goes: Video, Image, Sticker, Text, and Handrifting

    To get media in new: you go to: settings – device information whatever – then run hardware and idk wait – and boom

    Old is just a bad rooting

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