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How to Add 3D Objects to Your Video: Product Hologram | After Effects and C4D Tutorial

In this video, we learn how to create a futuristic augmented reality Product viewer using After Effects and Cinema 4D, so sit tight, and enjoy the tutorial!

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📂Project files on Patreon:

3D Nike Model:

🔗 Software & Plugins:
After Effects:
Sketcfab C4D importer:
VC Saber:
Optical Flares:
Adobe Media Encoder:

Versions used:
After Effects: 18.2
Cinema 4D: 23


🎞️ Video Resources
Add 3D Objects to Video:
C4D The Shadow Catcher Shader:
C4D Global Illumination and HDRI on Sky Object:
C4D Animation Tutorial:
AE Rotoscoping Tutorial:
C4D Rendering Tutorial:

🎵 Where I get my Music:

🔈 Join my Discord server:

#AfterEffects #Cinema4D #Tutorial

⏲ Highlights:
(0:00) Intro
(0:24) 3D Camera Tracking
(2:30) Exporting tracking data to C4D
(3:48) Displaying Your Footage in C4D
(4:32) Importing 3D Objects to your C4D project
(7:57) 3D Animation in Cinema 4D
(10:22) Lighting in Cinema 4D
(11:33) HDR Environment in C4D
(13:03) How to Create Reflections in C4D
(14:11) Rendering 3D Animation
(15:35) Importing Rendered Sequence to AE
(16:44) Rotoscoping my Hand in After Effects
(19:21) On-screen Button Animation
(22:41) Shoe Reveal Animation
(23:15) The Hologram Effect
(24:46) 3D Loading Icon…
(27:32) Hologram Light Rays (Optical Flares)
(30:52) Refining Reflections
(31:33) Color Grading & Rendering
(32:21) Outro

Join me!

Who am I?
My name is Mohamed Mehrez, A passionate and creative-oriented video content creator from Tunisia, who from a young age, has been fascinated with video and pictures. Making videos is my ultimate way to translate my own ideas into visuals, Youtube is definitely my favorite platform when it comes to making travel films and VFX tutorials, I hope you guys enjoy my content 🙂

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  1. I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for an After Effects Tutorial, so I made one, with Cinema4D as the topping! Enjoy 😀

  2. This is cool! AE and so many 3D softwares have improve sooo much throughout the years! I remember when doing any of this stuff that easy was only a dream and only big studios like Pixar had access to software like this. 3D is one of those things that I always wanted to learn but I never did! Great tutorial dude, glad to see so many fellow Youtuber/Editors here! keep it up!

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