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How I Record Fly Tying Videos – Tips, Tricks and Gear – Canon M100, M200, Sony A7c Neewer Rode

Here’s Amazon Links to all the gear I talked about:

Canon M100 –
Canon M200 (4K) –
Canon M100 Batteries –
Canon M100 Batteries (cheaper) –
CK-30 Neewer DESKTOP Tripod –
SD Card 90MB/s 32GB –
Neewer Floor Tripod –
6 Pack Barrina 6500K LED lights –
Neewer Umbrella Lights 600w –
Sony A7c –
Rode VideoMicro Mic –
Batteries for Sony a7c and other pro models –
Lavalier Mic with Extension –

Also, if you found this video because you were searching for cameras and you’re confused as to what fly tying is, take a look at some of these videos:

Green Highlander –
Silver Doctor –
Jock Scott –

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  1. Hi Nick, I really enjoy your videos and can tell how much work goes into them. Out of all the tying channels I watch, your authentic personality shines through, and I find myself being like, I want to hang out with this guy! So thank you.
    My interest is in starting with “reel” like videos that are silent and more sped up. I really like how Barry Ord Clark shoots from his side of the bench with a background where you have your camera. I have always wondered how his camera is not completely in his way while tying?
    Any suggestions?
    On another note, I have noticed with the much better mic, I can hear more mouth noise. I can hear this in other peoples videos who have high end set ups. I wonder if that jump in quality is always worth it when you hear a tongue pull off a dry roof of a mouth? LOL (That was not hate BTW, just an observation)
    Thank you again, this video was full of great explanations of things I have been wondering about! Thank you!

  2. great video. I tie wicked flys but my videos are junk. I have 60,000 hours into the mastering fly tying. I'm so interested in making better videos. i love watching Davies videos. he is so pollshed.

  3. Hey Nick, Nice video!  Congrats on the baby too! I miss you and Sam. Can't wait to visit the Catskills when it is safe to socialize in person again.

    I may have missed this in the video, but, what lens are you using on your new Sony A7c and what is the new minimum focusing distance? 

    I have an old Nikon APSC (1.5 crop factor) DSLR and a bunch of old Nikkor lenses. I'm thinking about getting a mirrorless body and an FTZ adaptor to allow me to shoot video and photos with my 60mm f2.8 Macro lens (I have a bunch of macro extension tubes and filters too).  I'm pretty sure I can get better than 1:1 magnification on a full frame sensor with the gear I already own.

    I've also been considering ditching all my old Nikon stuff and going with Sony or Canon body and lens as they seem to have the edge when it comes to autofocus and video over Nikon. Any thoughts?

  4. Oh man, I had no idea how much thought and work you put into fly tying videos. Don't great yourself up too much 😉

    Your videos are pretty sweet! Keep them coming 👍

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