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How I Make My PoV Photography Videos [Rig, Camera & Lenses]

Buy My Prints: 🖤 This is the GRAND TOUR of the camera gear I use to make my street photography videos 🙂
Complete List of The Gear I use:
My Favorite Street Photography Lens:
FujiFilm X-T3:
My Portrait lens:
Fuji’s Wide Angle Lens:
Vlogging lens:
My Rig
SmallRig Cage:
GoPro 7 Black
GoPro Case:
GoPro Adapter:
Splitter Cable:
My Audio
Road VideoMicPro+:
Rode Lavalier Mic:
Rode Wirerless Go System:
Ninja V Monitor:

Thanks to SmallRig for sending me their great products.
Go check out their camera cages here & build your own camera rig:

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About the lenses I use for my GoPro street photography videos:

The Portrait lens
This is my portrait lens and the first lens I bought for my Fuji X-T3. It’s the lens I’ve used in the majority of my youtube videos. It’s 999 dollars, so on the pricer side

It’s a 56mm 1.2 and since I shoot with the Fuji X-T3 that has a cropped sensor, the 56mm is an 85mm full-frame equivalent. If you are doing portrait photography or if you like me, do a lot of street portraits, this is the lens you want to go with.

Fujifilm 35mm 1.4 lens
This is Fuji’s best lens for street photography if you ask me. It’s the 35mm 1.4, which is equivalent to 53mm on a full-frame sensor. Which focal length that works best for street photography, is a whole video that I should probably make. But it comes down to your personal preference and style. But if I could only own a single lens for the camera; this is one the I would go for. And it’s a bit lighter than my other lenses – and as you can see, the camera rig is pretty heavy when I do my “point of view photography”, so the lightweight is very welcomed.

Fuji’s wide-angle lens
This is the 16mm 1.4 (24mm equivalent field of view on full-frame)
This lens is probably made for architectural and landscape photography. And that’s not really what I do. I bought because it thought it would be fun to try to see how my street photography would look on a wide-angle lens. The aperture is 1.4 and it’s weather-resistant, which makes this a really fun lens for night photography and cityscapes – even if it’s raining a little bit.

I hope you enjoyed my walk-through of all the gear I use to make my PoV photography videos and I’m still looking for the best solution to handle my dual-mic setup & I’m also considering replacing my GoPro with the Osmo Action Camera. I’m not sure if I should get the Osmo Action Vs GoPro, but I’m willing to test it out to improve my setup smallrig cage setup.

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  1. Thank you! It was really interesting to see, which aspects of street filming / photography you covered with your rig. I wanted to learn a bit more about exactly that topic. Thank you for explaining and showing.

  2. Anyone know if there is a gopro mount that you can easily rotate around so it stays landscape when switching from portrait to landscape on the main camera?

  3. maybe it's worth checking out the Saramonic blink 500, it's a wireless mic system and with up to 2 microphones, at affordable price (150 usd as i remember). you wouldn't have to change which mic to use and get rid of the big Rode mic, but i think the subject's audio could be a bit worse.

  4. You've got a Ninja V; nice! So, theoretically, you could – "Turpin style" – record your EVF-feed while shooting on the streets. Would be a nice try for a future video 🤔✌️

  5. Ok bro. Check this out. Get a good, tiny, omni-directional mic: Edutige ETM-001. Get a small dead cat for it. Forget worrying about audio for the rest of forever.

  6. Selv våger jeg knapt å trenge meg innpå folk med X-T2'en min alene. Ser veldig "vloggete" ut så redd folk blir skremt, men ser fortsatt kompakt ut for hva du får til. Har sett andre YouTubere med Gopro på blitz-festet men de ender alltid opp med dårlig lyd.

  7. I’m sure google/YouTube is listening to me. I buy a two channel splitter cable to run a similar setup on A6400/small rig for filming on my channel and as if by magic you drop a video with perfect 👌 timing. Just to let you know Ulanzi have released a metal V3 of the GoPro case with a 52mm filter ring. Love your work👍

  8. I enjoy your videos and photography. Your presentation is excellent. Most of all I find your work amazing as you capture everyday life in Mexico City. Thank you. I only have one suggestion. You are a handsome guy and have nothing to hide. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to see who is talking to me. Please better connecting with your audience my zooming out occasionally when speaking. In the meantime keep on shooting and vloging! Thanks, again!

  9. Love your street photography style. Your camera setup is truly unorthodox for street, but you seem to make it work. Adding the gopro is a fantastic idea. Other than maybe using the smaller Rode Micro I think you can’t get much more efficient.

  10. Just two weaks ago I asked you which setup you are using and Bam there is the video haha xD bought the Xt3 because of your recommendation and Love it. Thanks man keep up the work

  11. separate audiorecorder like zoom h4 for the lavalier mic could be handy. Heck, you should swich the wireless bridge to capture the other audio with zoom too, and then just sync all that up with the gopros internal mics audio

  12. Love your videos and your work. I used an X-T2 for a while and just could not love it at all. That said, I love how you use yours and it works perfectly. Also – keep up the film work!

  13. That's the gear I use to make the videos! It's not the most discrete setup in the world, but I don't do street photography like a ninja anyways.
    Full gear-list is here: Tell me, how do I make this setup better? I'm thinking about replacing the GoPro-audio with a mini audio-recorder.

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