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How I Edit Hair! | Procreate Gacha Tutorial | 7K+ SUB SPECIAL ☆

I’m sorry this took so long to make! I don’t normally make videos that are longer than a minute so this was a real challenge- I hope you enjoy my hard work nonetheless. ☆ (Also sorry for my voice)

If you would like to see the raw unedited version of me edit, link is below 🙂

☆ Music | ♪ | ↴

☆ Fonts Used | ♪ | ↴
► Quicksand
► Starborn

☆ Apps I used | ♪ | ↴
►Adobe After Effects
►Gacha Club

☆ Time Taken | ♪ | ↴
► I lost count 🙁

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  1. Hi Sadaze
    Ya know u can use my character for meme collabs, edits, fanart, and more for my GLC if you want to! (If your here or not here reading this) Good support!
    Also i'm making fan-arts so prepare if your reading this to!
    Also I like your voice!

    Send a message

  2. sadaze I was wondering some day you could put a fan art contest? You don’t have to I was just hyped up doing a lil art for you. If you can’t do the fan art I’ll post it in my channel if you ever want to check it out. And congratulations on 7k ^^

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