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Hosting Tutorial: Installing Apache2 Web Server on a VPS | Web Development Tutorials #92

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  1. Harry Bro there's no-one who could have taught it any better. Thank you for this series and also for doing it for society i.e. for free, it now even inspires me to do something for this society to make it better for each and everyone of us. Thank you very much brother.

  2. One question please if anyone has knowledge do genuinely reply
    We have created a web server already with the help of node module 'express' then why do we need apache web server

  3. So, what is the difference between cloud server and the server we created in previous videos to host our projects???. Please let me know . I am still confused.

  4. My sister was an MSW student and my brother's in 7th grade. I've made them a habit of watching your vedios. Now they've learnt python and now aiming to complete ML through your vedios. You're benefiting not just CS student but also all the streams across the globe.
    NEVER stop what you're doing!!!
    Thank you.

  5. yaar putty kholne par network error:software cause connection abort dikhya then inactive putty kardia.5 hr se try kar raha hun ho nahi raha.pichli baar direct close kardi thi putty isilie kya.ab kya karun.plzz help me out

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