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Green Screen Removal in Photoshop

Check out updated version taking you from shoot to edit:

In this tutorial, I show you how to remove a green screen in Photoshop using in two scenarios.
1. Where the green screen has been lit perfectly.
2. Where the green screen hasn’t been lit so well – the more realistic way!

We’ll be looking at how to use different selection methods in Photoshop such as:
• Using the new select and mask future
• Selecting a colour range
• Adding different colours and tones of colours to a selection
• Expanding and feathering a selection

It can be difficult to remove a green screen from a background in photoshop, especially when the green screen wasn’t lit properly, but there are ways around and hopefully this tutorial will help you out.

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  1. I hate photoshop sooo much, after effects, premeire and illustrator are SOOOOO straightforward and there's so much dilly dallying on Photoshop

  2. easier than using quick selection tool , adding another layer , deleting as much of the background as you can , then using the eraser tool ( oh so carefully) to tidy up

  3. This didn’t work for me. When I do everything you said and hit delete, I get an error message that’s says “smart object is not directly editable”

  4. I tried to do this with Photopea (which is similar) but on the part where you have to use "select and mask", I can't find it there. Can someone help me?
    (first tutorial btw)

  5. Thank you for this GREAT video! I've dreaded carrying around a number of portable backgrounds so clients could choose. Now I shoot (almost) everything with a green screen and let them choose from hundreds of digital backgrounds that I "carry" on my laptop. Your concise, multi-step process is exactly what I needed and has reduced the time of green screen removal by over 50%! GREAT JOB!

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