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Glass Morphism in Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial – UI Design Trend 2021

Hey what’s going on guys, today we are going to be having a look at the glass morphism ui design in Adobe Photoshop. It’s a quick and simple tutorial that’s easy to follow along. You can use this glass morphism effect and use it in many different situations to create a stunning design!

About Glass Morphism:

Glass morphism is a new upcoming ui design trend, it has been popularizing in recent days. Many different creators have created glass morphism in adobe xd, glass morphism in illustrator, glass morphism in figma but there are no tutorials for adobe photoshop.

We broke this effect down into simple steps and created glassmorphism in photoshop using just a few tools. You can create this glass morphism effect and use it in a variety of situations.

It’s very likely that this ui design trend might hit the 2021 top trends list and popularize among hundreds of ui/ux designers. This 2021 ui trend is really simple to create and I strongly recommend you guys to try this out!

#glassmorphism #uidesign #photoshop


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