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GIMP vs Krita: Is Krita the Better Free Photo Editor?

GIMP and Krita are both super popular free photo editors – and for good reason. GIMP has long been the best free photo editor with its long list of photo editing features and tools, plus photo manipulation effects, filters, and plugins that make it possible to do pretty much anything to your images. However, Krita has come up in the free and open source software (FOSS) world with its introduction of adjustment layers, full CMYK support, vector shape drawing tools, and its ability to open RAW images – all features missing in GIMP that its users have been requesting for a long time.

So, does this make Krita the better free photo editor? Can either program compete with Photoshop or Affinity Photo? Find out in this in-depth comparison video!

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  1. The fact that Krita comes with preinstalled GMIC is awesome, 100s of filters right from the box! Gimp should do that too. It shouldn't be a problem, right? Both apps are free, so it's a matter of getting along.
    Another awesome option in Krita is brush scaling – "SHIFT+LMB+mouse drag left/right"! I can scale brush in a second or two from 1000px to 20px and I can choose the precise size I want by moving mouse very slowly. It's just great!

    Scaling brush in GIMP is…well…ancient. It's possible to use the mouse wheel and scale brush by 10px at a time but it's so slow. Imagine scaling brush from 1000px to 50px by 10px!!! Sure I can click size slider in tool's menu and scale brush faster but it's still not fast and smooth and I have to change my focus from the image I'm editing to options on the side of the screen.
    GIMP developers should totally add similar option – scaling with mouse drag. People have asked for such option for years including myself.

  2. Good video overall, but there are a few imprecision:

    In Krita, when you acess a filter through the menu, you can apply it as filter mask instead of a destructive filter, by clicking the "apply as filter mask" button instead of "apply".

    Also, for color management, Krita has a softproofing option, so instead of working in CMYK, you can work in RGB (which is better of a lot of compositing operations) but krita will convert the final render in CMYK and display it to you as if it was a CMYK image. You can even have a warning color configured for out of gamut areas which makes it super easy to tweak your file for optimal printing. After you are done, you can flatten the image and convert in CMYK before exporting.

  3. I think it would be awesome if you compared PD Howler to Krita for digital painting. Of course there is a lot more that PD Howler can do, like 3d landforms, animation and general filter work. But, first and foremost it's a painting program! You should check it out!

  4. Thanks for the video. I miss that Krita can work with .xcf files so I can take advantage of both softwares. But obviously, they are separate projects and each dedicated to different things. Sorry for the mistakes.

  5. i've been waiting for this video for a long time, thank you.

    for me as a 3d artist krita is much superior, as it allows to change the navigation to what i want, so i put the same navigation as the majority of 3d software have:
    alt + MMB to pan, alt + RMB to zoom and alt + LMB to rotate. so when im constantly switching between different programs i fell super comfortable.
    also there is an awesome 'wrap around' mode to make seamless textures, which is much more convenient than changing the offset like in gimp/PS.

    none of this applies to photo editing of course ;D just sharing opinion.

  6. If gimp was more polished and had a tools space lock that pops open on hoverover. then this video wouldn't be valid video. Interesting comparison. I love the gimp lasseo at the moment. The hold release laws are pretty sweet.

  7. Finally… The Video We All Have Been Waiting For!!! 🀩🀩🀩 Thanks A Lot For Making This Video!!! 😊😊😊

  8. krita's a different beast. more of an art program for drawing, than a photo editor.
    gimps all about changing and manipulating an image, you already have.
    where as krita is more about the creation of the image in the first place.

    at least thats the impressions they left.

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