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Get Better Video by Changing these 5 Settings | Canon Cameras

Here are my best camera setting tips for better Canon videos (DSLR or Mirrorless). A quick 5 best tips for shooting videos. Find the gear here: #CommissionsEarned

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5. Frame Rate and Resolution
4. Manual Exposure
3. White Balance
2. Sound
1. Stabilizing the Camera


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Happy shooting! – Adam


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5 Camera Settings Tips for Better Canon Videos (2019)

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  1. Thanks for your video. When taking thumbnails pictures on my Canon Eos Rebel, what is the best image size/quality setting? I have mine set at L, should it be smaller for thumbnails as I have had some issues with image size when uploading?

  2. I really don't understand why Canon took 24fps out of the EOS RP. Everything I do is in 24fps and all my Canon cameras (since the 5D Mk2) will do 24fps.
    The Canon EOS RP and the new Canon 90D don't have 24fps and I can't understand why. Can someone please explain?

  3. I see Adam finally washed off the magic fiber solvent. I tried all the above mentioned and realized I was shooting on a fuji. Lmao did the rep from Japan get there yet to give you his endorsements. If not I’m sending in Godzilla to represent.

  4. 🎥 Like: I have booked mark this video to share with friends & so I can watch it again. My feed back, I like 60 fps when shooting model trains along with manual focus on a tripod. This gives more details as the model trains go by…. Excellent video & very helpful. Thanks for sharing….
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂🚃

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