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FujiFilm XT30: The BEST BUDGET Hybrid Photo/Video Camera in 2020? | GEAR REVIEW

FujiFilm very generously let me borrow the XT30 for three weeks. Here are some thoughts. (not sponsored)


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  1. Hi, I'm beginner shooter and want to upgrate from x-t100, is better choice to go x-t20 just for photo shooting?
    x-t30 is great, but I use only manual prime lenses so focus features don't need so much for higher price.
    Do you think is better choice x-t20 than x-t30, when I use only manual prime lenses?

  2. As for videoing, all my recent videos on my channel are shot with this beast of a camera and if you are just talking t the camera it's easy to find out where your framing will be after a few tries. Also, you can download the fuji app to your phone which will show you exactly where you are in the frame 🙂 The quality of the video is just brilliant to by the way

  3. According to your tests, you would need to use the camera with a grip. That would solve two problems for you: The camera gets nearly the size of the X-T3 and the battery door is not blocked anymore if you have a tripod mount on it.

  4. You can activate the "boost mode" and not deal with those slower frame rates on the lcd screen if you wish. That behavior is meant to save battery 😛 . This camera is amazing, wish fuji would update a firmware with autofocus adjustments like they did for the XT-3 recentlly. Great honest review.

  5. I dont get the recording limit, what does it mean. Like can i shoot videos worth of 1hr but it is 6 different files of 10 mins? please respond i really love this camera

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