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Fujifilm X100V 2021 Review & Camera Settings

Finally after a year then finally returning to this camera its time for the Fujifilm X100V 1 Year Review & Camera Settings. I break down what I do and do not like abut this camera plus share my setup for street and documentary Photography.

Camera Skin

warming filter :

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0:00 Intro Who Am I?
1:14 Camera Review
5:40 What I dont like about the x100v
7:57 Camera Setting For street and Documentary
14:15 Camera Accesories

Equipment I used to make this video:
warming filter :
Voigtlander 28mm Ultron II ASPH-
Sony Fx3- main vlog / filming camera
Main lens for sony 20mm-

Great Cameras ive personally owned and used I highly Recommend
Sony a7siii-
This filter stay in front of all my lenses-
Fuji X100V-
Square Hood-
Vlog Camera – FujiFilm Xt-4:
Fujifilm Xt3 Great Alternative –
Lens- FujiFilm xf-16mm –
Ricoh GRIII –
GRIII BATTERIES Great 3rd Party –
Tripod for vlogs –
PeakDesign Leash camera strap:
Manfrotto Tripod –
Amazing affordable and bright led’s for my videos –
Rode Video Micro –
Film developer –
Patterson Tank –
Ilford Fixer:
Ilford hp5 35mm film :


Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.
Filmed by: Eddie G
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  1. The adapters work great, honestly! Despite the footprint change of the camera, their quality and ease of use are worth it to make a little x100 system. Best everyday digital camera ever. Also, that's probably the freshest one I've seen!

  2. Dude your x100v looks dope as heeeeeell! It’s always so nice to hear other people’s opinions and perspectives on the gear you use. It’s truly a gem of a camera. Splendid vid my man.

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