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Force Push After Effects Tutorial Part 1

– Attention! My English pronunciation is really awful! Watch at own risk! –

Part 1
I’ve got some requests lately about making a Force Push tutorial, so here it is.
The programs I used in the film is Adobe After Effects CS3, and the program for recording the screen is Camtasia studio 6.

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  1. I agree with you. It looks more realistic if it`s not the picture.
    Have you any idea, how to force pull lightsaber to your hands (without using reverse time)? I want it to be like in your footage, but not to push the lightsaber…

  2. Hehe, thanks^^
    Well, you can try to animate the lightsaber (like I did in the end) the whole time. Then you only need a picture of the lightsaber, and you can animate it however you want.

    But I think it is much easier to use string, maybe attach is to a stick or something, so you can lift it from a distance.

  3. I have to say a BIG "Thank you"!!! It`s a very good tutorial and I understood everything. Nice pronunciation) I wish I knew English like you))
    I`ll surly use it. But what if I record my video in place where I can`t use thread (or string) to lift lightsaber? For example in the field?

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