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First 6 🛠Settings🛠 To Change On Your 📸Canon R6

FREE EOS R6 Reference Guide

🔴The Basics Of Photography With A Mirrorless Camera

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My Gear

M50 gear
22mm f2

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📷 EOS R6 (Body) Current
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🔱 Tripod
✅ Sony SD card
🧹Cleaning kit
The canon R6 is a wonderful camera but some of its settings need some personalization first before they will be perfect. These 6 settings are what I recommend you change first on your Canon EOS R6 Mirroless camera. There are things like how to keep the In Body Stabilization on IBIS, AF touch and Drag settings, How to Turn off the red beam of death known as the AF Firing Beam AND MORE!

I also have another video here that already covers many of the viewfinder settings that are the most helpful! These will not be covered in this video but are just as worthy of being mentioned in this video!

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  1. Hi , in my r6 camera, in the is mode showing only video symbol and stabilization. How I can change it as your video. Thank you for your reply

  2. Just got my R6 and this was super useful, thanks! Any chance you've found the setting for making the display and/or viewfinder red rather than white (for shooting in super low light without ruining your night vision)? It was called "Screen Color" on my old 750D but not on this one it seems

  3. Why is my R6 has no copyright information on the file name to set up? On IS mode, it has no still photos to set up always. Did i buy a fake R6 from BestBuy?

  4. I shot a wedding another day and the battery of R6 only last for 4hours. Is there anyone has the same issue?. Any trick to make it last longer a bit?. My eor R battery can last 6hours.

  5. I just upgraded from a t2i to a r6… When pictures are saved to both cards, can you view pictures on both cards from the camera? I only see the first card slot?

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