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Firebase Web Basics – Firestore Tutorials – Adding Data – Part 1

Hello guys,

This tutorial will cover Firebase Firestore Web Basics.

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  1. nice video but i want to collect data from user city name, age, country, etc filed, plz make video how it is? separate account separate data show of user

  2. var db =firebase.firestore();



    first: "Ada",

    last: "Lovelace",

    born: 1815


    .then(function(docRef) {

    console.log("Document written with ID: ",;


    .catch(function(error) {

    console.error("Error adding document: ", error);


  3. Sir, why you not make spy app through firebase. Where auto capture user contact details, sms, file manager or storage, better/IMEI details/ recording / capture images / sending notification etc.

  4. can i read data from the firebase without using on or once or any event ? i want to read a value even if it's not changed , something like ref.getvalue()? sorry for my english

  5. What sort of error is this

    It looks like you're using the development build of the Firebase JS SDK.
    When deploying Firebase apps to production, it is advisable to only import
    the individual SDK components you intend to use.

    For the CDN builds, these are available in the following manner
    (replace <PACKAGE> with the name of a component – i.e. auth, database, etc):

  6. Hi bro. Nice video. Subscribed and liked all of your videos. I have a doubt. How to retrieve the latitude and longitude from the firebase and display the location on the google map with a real-time location tracking. Please tell me how to do it. Thank you in advance.

  7. I did it successfully but there are some warnings in console :

    [2018-05-12T11:54:51.908Z] @firebase/firestore: Firestore (5.0.1):
    The behavior for Date objects stored in Firestore is going to change
    To hide this warning and ensure your app does not break, you need to add the
    following code to your app before calling any other Cloud Firestore methods:

    const firestore = firebase.firestore();
    const settings = {/* your settings… */ timestampsInSnapshots: true};

    With this change, timestamps stored in Cloud Firestore will be read back as
    Firebase Timestamp objects instead of as system Date objects. So you will also
    need to update code expecting a Date to instead expect a Timestamp. For example:

    // Old:
    const date = snapshot.get('created_at');
    // New:
    const timestamp = snapshot.get('created_at');
    const date = timestamp.toDate();

    Please audit all existing usages of Date when you enable the new behavior. In a
    future release, the behavior will change to the new behavior, so if you do not
    follow these steps, YOUR APP MAY BREAK.
    defaultLogHandler @ index.esm.js:77
    e.error @ index.esm.js:167
    error @ index.esm.js:93
    e.configureClient @ index.esm.js:16126
    e.ensureClientConfigured @ index.esm.js:16118
    e.collection @ index.esm.js:16189
    save @ javas.js:9
    onclick @ index.html:77 javas.js:15

    Document successfully written!

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