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FAKE 3D Trick Shots like DUDE PERFECT in After Effects – Learn how to fake trick-shots in Adobe After Effects with 3D objects, inspired by the real tricks from Dude Perfect. Use simple editing and masking tricks to create a fake 3D object and animate it for your next big trick.

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  1. there is 1 mistake, when Jordy threw the box in the beginning you can see the shadow on the wall behind Jordy, but then when Yannick stops it in the same position that shadow disappears, also the shadow on the floor cuts out weirdly, By The Way, i am 12 and love your videos. you have liked one of my comments before and i freaked out i was sitting in the living room with my family and then started screaming when i saw that you liked my comment.

  2. You forgot to edit the shadow of box as the light coming from ceiling and on floor your shadows are also casting so to the box should ……. At least make shadows of the box stopped in midway in air……. Because… Physics….. Lol

  3. Dudeperfect:lets try our best to make trickshots
    After hours later:finally done time to edit
    Editors:o my gosh so many scence to cut
    Couple of hours later:done time to do the description and title
    Dudeperfect:the title will be [title]
    Titile and description typing guy:ok then let me type the titile and paste the description and fix the description a little bit..and done!

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