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Exciting- NEW Inspired Art Classes – Online Tutorials in Alcohol Ink – Abstract Flowers

Inspired Art Classes ~ I’m proud to offer NEW Online Tutorials with all the same quality you have come to expect!. Sign up now only $69 :

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All of the pieces I create are for sale – If you see something you like, email me at but my paintings tend to go fast, and it is first come first serve. Visit my website to see those listed in my shop but most don’t make it there.

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I continue to test and use ARTEZA paints and love their brightness and the vibrancy of the way they dry.

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Acrylic pouring and fluid art has helped me grow as an individual and also as a visual and creative artist. I love abstract art and creating satisfying and relaxing videos. My dream is to become a full time artist and teacher of modern and contemporary art. I love acrylic pouring because I get to experiment and incorporate fluid acrylic pouring techniques with other mixed media to create beautiful paintings! Make sure you are subscribed to my channel so we can create and learn together – I love hearing all of your comments. Come find me on my social media and show me your pictures.Thanks for watching! Please hit the notification bell and select “ALL” to never miss a new Painting video and SHARE SHARE SHARE! 🙂
#fluidart #relaxing #paintpouring

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  1. I plan to purchase the class if I don’t win so I’m not sure why I have taken the time to send so many entries, yet I do know I like texting information to you. I realize you can’t possibly respond to everyone’s messages yet you do a great job making me feel special. You just have a way. Thank You

  2. You have a way of making your viewer feel like we are sitting across from your table and you are speaking to us as a friend. So many of your viewers have define loyal devoted followers and wish you well. Thank You so much for all you give.

  3. So, last week you noted the burn on your hand was healing. The mark on your right thumb. I had thought that I had seen that mark for months. As I am viewing this video I realize I am looking at what looks like a bruise at nearly the exact location on your thumb. Heather, be nice to your thumb. Now, of course it could be a smear of paint. I have paint everywhere!

  4. I feel so guilty for not sending you something. I have noted patrons sending $5.00 and I have my expectations higher. So, I guess sending something is better then waiting until it seems appropriate (right, how silly, nothing is better then a larger amount?, makes no sense).

  5. On the October LIVE, I was able to listen to you yet I couldn’t connect. I think I shared with you how I was either working with my clients or I couldn’t get to comment. And then I was able to be in the actual live stream I believe twice, maybe three times. Yet, I haven’t missed it shortly after. Thank You

  6. I recall watching your LIVE from October 2020, and you had written thank you to the patrons who sent money and the camera fell or went different directions and you said “ this is crazy”. I thought about how difficult this must me. I would love to do live videos but I have so far to go with my whole pouring and videotaping. I’ll master one project at a time. I’m just sorry you are stopping and hope it is for a great reason.

  7. I believe your first video was “Acrylic Pour Painting on Canvas – Abstract Art Dirty Pour (1). The famous black gloves and the fast forwarding (I use iMovie on my phone to edit and can’t speed up more then double time, but I work within my limits), so your tilting and stretching these rich deep colors against the torques blue with the cell development gradually increasing, I recall my heart start to beat rapidly. Then, using the blow drying and ripping the color as it stretched with heat, blending with the colors around it, the energy came out of my TV! Then, with a straw, blowing even more. It was amazing. I just watched it again. Wow, incredible!

  8. Heather, you are always so gentle, calm, and at peace. Your choice in music is so tranquil, you create an environment to enhance the overall experience. Sometimes there are no words to describe how powerful, yet we try. Thank You

  9. Your ”Live Inside Commission” speaks about the unconscious awareness moving through the transparent processes. In a constant wave from unconscious, subconscious and conscious, our transmitting of cognitive and emotive processes create energy that turns into creativity. Every time I have an idea, the idea starts out on all three levels and then with my awareness and without, the ideas formulate. Sometimes it feels as though I am experiencing a process that I am not trying to even be a part of, it is just happening. Then, as though an energy that is driving me to actually begin to behave in the way I have been inspired from within. The energy has to be ready to be part of my behavior before the creativity can just flow. You demonstrated the inner energy to flow within us. Thank You

  10. As I view your channel, you have always been so professional. Do you think I am hurting my changes for success by just editing a 44 minute video down to 16 minutes, not having knowledge of the technical stuff, I will remember to stay in frame one video and the next I am making sure I say the names of the paint correctly and forget being in the frame, the lighting, it’s just difficult to hear me when the music changes yet it wasn’t that loud when I was editing. Anyway, should I put more money and time into being more presentable and have assistance in how technical the beginning of the video,rather than being so casual? I have been just trying to get them out there. Again, asking without expecting. You have given me more the. I will ever be able to reciprocate, which is a top goal.

  11. The “Blushing Dragon “ is so amazing (a year ago, and yet I recall the first time viewing it and your work with the air brush took me back then , as it does now, to when I was a cake decorator. Since I was 12, I made cakes from my home, then at 16 I started at a bakery that opened close to my high school. We open our own business (deli, bakery, and catering, yet 8 months into owning it I became paralyzed so after 2 1/2 years of trying to do things from a wheelchair and finding it impossible to set up wedding cakes and other parts of being an owner, I went back to college and became a LMFT, and love art therapy and believe in the power of expressive art and mindfulness. You are so expressive and mindful. Are you into mindfulness? I realize it is a personal question, so of course I don’t expect a response. It’s just such a part of who you are.

  12. Your paint bottles are so clean. And yet your phone had splattered paint. Alright, you ate not perfect. I can travel on and off the path you take with expecting to have some similar beautiful experiences as I practice.

  13. I’m so excited to tell you about trying some of my food coloring and realized I need to learn so much more. So, when I saw this LIVE is the last, initially became so concerned about tour health. I hope you are well. Then, I chose to think positive and will wait to hear from you, if you decide to share the reason tonight. I hope it is for you to move forward with your journey with self-care in another direction. A path must keep shifting to have more interesting views. If sways in the same direction, the view is pretty much the same too. Shift as you please

  14. Liquitex Gloss is the only thing I use if not resin. Yet I had a gummy type finish the last one, so I sprayed it with Winsor and Matt Newton varnish and then waited about two weeks and put two more layers and it dried fine. I’m not sure what I did. I’m watching your technique, and I had used my hands to apply the vanish and resin. I’ll try the foam brush. Thank You

  15. Good morning Heather, I look at my twinkle lights from my bedroom glass door, at night they are beautiful and full of color, yet during the day they look like plastic cups hanging on the fence. It’s a reminder of how many pours I have completed since COVIN19 stopped me from going to my office. Just heard you have much over 300 pours. Can I ask when you stared?

  16. Good morning Heather, I have been viewing videos as I ease my way into my day (I don’t know about you but it is a slow process so I give myself a treat and view paint pour videos. You have went in all sorts of directions, with art and food, never getting lost. “”Glass-Like varnish technique..” from a year ago is what I’m view at the moment. Your voice allows me to enter into being awake with discomfort to being calm and able to start another day. I’m inspired by every one of your videos. Thank You

  17. Heather thanks so much for all that you do! You have inspired me with your balloon rolls and alcohol inks. Btw.. have you considered using Keltic inks? Theoretically non toxic. Anyways stay well and thank you!

  18. I’m so glad you’re going over MASKS! I have spent hours online researching and still just guess when it comes to the best one to wear! 💥

  19. I AM IN!!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!! YESSSS!!!! I have been watching your videos in awe and shaking my head at your talent! With so many artists trying out the alcohol inks you are a genuine pro!!! I am definitely doing your class!! I am trying to make an effort to be more involved as well by commenting more on all of my favorite artists’ videos! I’m always in a darn hurry to get to the next video! No more!! I’m in love with your technique, your way of teaching is so down to earth and understandable! I’m stoked to be able to learn from you!! ❤️

  20. Did I hear you correctly? The cost of the classes is the total cost or for each class? Either way, it’s an incredible opportunity. I’ll check the description section for details. What an exciting thing to start, either way, everyone is a winner. The LIVE Fridays are great.

  21. Here’s the correct comment area! Boy, Heather you must think I am a nut case. For some reason, I am mesmerized by you and although I often make error in grammar, I seem to ramble more often when sending you a text. So, I hope this is for the entry to win the class. The videos are so close together and as soon as one ends another starts so I think I had been watching the LIVE immediately following the video about the classes. The viewing is high yet the comments are still a lot less, that’s good for the lucky winner, more opportunities to win with less competition. It sure doesn’t reflect you and you art! The winner is going to be very very fortunate and if I am not the winner, I feel like one every time I view one of your videos. Awesome all the way around.

  22. I would love to have those things as a giveaway from u …
    God please let her choose me as giveaway winner ….
    Please please please please please please mam choose me mam………🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞high hopes…..

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