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Ep#018 My #1 Tip to help you enjoy EVE Online | EVE Online Tutorials

The EVE community is filled with amazing and supportive people. However, like all games, it has it’s share of toxic douchebags. Check out how to mute the toxic “noise” and get back to enjoying the game. Apologies that the audio is a little below my normal standard, was trying some new software. Clearly need to tweak a few settings…

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Contents of this video
0:00 Intro
0:35 The backstory
6:30 The actual tip!

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  1. I think the #1 thing that got this game to stick for was this…
    It's a social game… reach out and find people to work with/ learn from/ etc. There are a lot of great people in this game.
    Having even a small group of people to interact with will help Eve come alive.

    #2 the sub reddit is filled with assholes that do nothing but bitch about CCP and how much they "hate" the game. Avoid it. These people are just sad.

  2. Mr Newb Eden, you have made the best videos and content for EVE that I have ever seen, you are like a combination of Obsidian Ant, and Markeedragon. Thank you for your time in helping us understand the world mechanics and oppurtunities in Eve online. I have found your channel 2 weeks ago, and have been re-watching videos whenever I have a question. You are the reason I finally escaped the tutorial area out of using 3 accounts, and now I have started on my Eve journey. Cheers! and haters will always be toxic, sorry you have to deal with those spergs.

  3. If all this hate mail and shit in local why you are playing eve is a problem everyday from many different players then the common denominator is you.

    This is eve harden up and learn to take advice, criticism and hate cause if you suck at eve you will get if you are good at eve you will get it too. Its also the best way to gauge if what you are doing is having a effect on the universe.

  4. Hey man just wanted to say. I decided to give Eve a proper go thanks to your videos. Been having great experiences so far which I'd credit to the guidance from these videos (despite getting ganked a couple of times :D).
    Thanks again and keep the up the great content!

  5. Loving the new graphics bro. I'm actually covering faction warfare, sort of, myself this week and that should be uploaded in the next few hours. And good news, there's almost zero overlap with your great episode. Wow your tips to deal with griefers are great. You really know the game, unlike me 😛

  6. Great tips and so sad that this is even an issue. It's this kind of behaviour that has kept me in my starter corp as I honestly find it quite daunting. I would love to find a laid back corp that just wants to have fun and keep it friendly.

    On a side note I have watched every one of your videos and find them incredibly informative and entertaining to watch. I sincerely hope you continue to grow and gather the audience you deserve. Keep up the good work 👍

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