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Eminem – Rap God Typography

My most exhaustive video ever. After a little over a week and 1473 layers in Adobe After Effects, here it is. 🙂 Thanks for everyone that helped me for the support, being or not in this video credits.

EDIT: The RapGenius forum guys won’t believe me if I don’t post this, but hey, I’m the ddnt32 user! XD

Meu vídeo mais trabalhoso até agora. Depois de pouco mais de uma semana e 1473 layers no After Effects, aqui está. 🙂 Agradeço ao apoio de todo mundo que me ajudou, estando ou não nos créditos do vídeo.

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  1. For everyone who's asking for prints of the project: unfortunately, all the PSD and PNG files I used for this video somehow got corrupted, so when I open it in After Effects basically all the media is offline. For that same reason, it would be pointless to send a copy of the project files to anyone. 🙁 Now, for the people who want to use pieces of this video anywhere (YouTube, classes ou wherever you want), you can use it, but please don't upload the complete video in your channel. You might even use it entirely, but make a new work from it, don't just upload the whole thing as it is. And be aware that this uses a copyrighted song, so if you use this video on your channel it might be blocked by UMG on mobile devices (which is also why my own version of the video is also blocked). Also, I'm not doing lyric videos anymore, so I REALLY appreciate all the support and the people asking me to do lyric videos for their bands and all, but I can't do them right now as I'm too busy with my own job and the university at the same time. Thanks for everything and sorry for my bad english 🙂

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