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DSLR Settings For Video on YouTube | Canon 90d Tutorial

Forget the complexity of the menu! Learn the best DSLR settings for video on YouTube by seeing the best video settings for the Canon 90d

This is a PRACTICAL approach to setting up your camera as I only tell you exactly what you need to know. You’ll be surprised that there’s only a few canon 90d video menu settings that you’ll need to adjust before you’re ready to record.

Watch this Canon 90d tutorial for beginners and discover the canon 90d settings for YouTube. I set you up for success when it comes to simple talking head videos.

This same approach applies to any DSLR so this video is a great as a general DSLR guide for beginners as well.

0:00 Intro

2:38 Set manual mode

3:00 Set movie record quality
4:00 Set audio levels
5:35 Set Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO
9:14 Set white balance
11:17 Format your card
12:17 How to record

Canon 90d Body Only:
Canon 24 mm f/2.8:
Sigma 17-50 mm f/2.8:



Lights (professional grade):
Audio Recorder:
Lavalier Microphone:
Shotgun Mic:
Camera Bag:
Gorilla Pod:
Tiffen ND Filter:
The Best File Transfer Site:
Hard Drive Recommendation:


Affordable High Quality Camera:
Body Only:
Memory Card:
Affordable Vlog Mic:
Affordable Lights:
Affordable Handheld Microphone:
Affordable Tripod:
One Step Up Tripod:



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  1. I just discovered your channel because of this video, and I started binge watching you. I have SO much to learn! About the 90D, if you stay in Manual mode, and figure out the focus, but stay in same place it’s ok. What if you show items on screen and it does not focus in on items? Can you activate tracking without autofocus? Or AF and tracking on are the only way to film? I am totally new to the 90D. I can’t find a video on talking about working with this camera and showing items up close repeatedly. Unless 4k crops is how you do it rather than focus? I might consider closeups to put in, but an unboxing usually shows items on the go.
    Thank you! You are clear and easy to watch!

  2. I think you have had one cup of coffee the time you recorded this.I see you have waisted other peoples time.I hope Canon is not paying you for forking out this video.

  3. I just found your channel 🥳 I am a fairly new YouTuber and plan to do a video on my first six mths. I searched My First Six Months on YouTube and your six mth review video ranked first. I create my thumbnails the same way you do as in taking a screenshot from my video or a video I do for a thumbnail.

    I love your energy, the way you film and that you’re also from Austin 🥳🥳 I plan to watch A LOT more of your videos.

    I am not the best with the settings on my Nikon 5600 and feel like I have to have my camera in arms length so bring it into focus when filming. If I sit further away it’s either blurry or just isn’t that great 😌 I’ve watched lots of video on settings, but going to try these settings recommended by you in this video and see how it films🤞🏽

  4. I would recommend not always shooting wide open. Aperture should be decided based on desired depth of field, than follow Amanda's instruction on setting up other parameters. Also a lot of lenses are soft wide open.

  5. Hi! I’m using a Canon 90D to livestream with. But the video will randomly shut off and then i have to hit record again. Any idea why that is and how to fix it?

  6. Could you advise about focus, ie do you simple use autofocus and use your finger on the shutter button while shooting to change the point of focus? I assume so as if your f-stop is wide open then field of focus is shallow.. thanks for coming back K

  7. If at 3:05 your menu settings don't look like hers, make sure the camera is set to video mode (beside the start/stop button). I just wasted over an hour trying to figure out why my menus were not like hers.

  8. This was incredibly helpful for a newbie like me, thank you! One thing for other newbies – when Amanda sets the ISO there is a meter and I had to rewind a few times to figure how to make that show: press down on the shutter button (she mention at 08:57 but I kept missing it, prob in the confusion of absorbing so much great info ^^).

  9. Hi Amanda, Thank you for your great videos.
    I have a Panasonic GH5 like you. Do you film in 4K and edit in 4K and then render in 1080? What are the settings you use for filming with your GH5 and then editing with Premier? And do you film in 10bit or 8 bit?

  10. Very nicely and professionally done. I have taken about a billion photos but NEVER shoot video…until now. Thanks for what you do 🙂

  11. =) Hello, I paid 19.95 for one of your products, but file ended in spam folder and when I tried to open the link it said link was expired… Please help… I tried to send email but it bounced back from square and your website did not seem to have an email address for support… Again thanks!

  12. Thx, Amanda! I found some manual settings on my Lumix FZ 1000 I did not know before 🙂 But one question (referring 3.24 min): What do you mean with "high your edit"? I already can zoom in and out with my editing software afterwards. Do not understand the exact advantage, if I make the video in 4K?

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