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DSLR for Beginners | How to Set Your Camera Up to Shoot Video

Learn how to set up your DSLR camera for video shooting with pro tips and settings from photographer, Neal Walters.

In this video Neal takes us through the tips and tricks he uses to get his camera set up for capturing video content.

0:16 – Finding the video dial
0:35 – Staying in manual mode
0:48 – Setting up video file type
1:31 – Movie recording quality
2:47 – Movie server AF
3:03 – AF Method
3:41 – Picture style
4:48 – White Balance
5:42 – Shutter speed
6:06 – Aperture
6:36 – ISO

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Just a WARNING for anyone that wants to edit in Premiere Pro – Don't change your file settings to .MOV…

    Premiere Pro doesn't allow .MOV files and you'll need to convert these.

  2. I'm going insane I have a 1500d but I'm missing the 1920×1080 in 30 frames per second and I cannot get my ISO to become manual. Keeps shooting in 3200. I hit the ISO button and it just send the framing box to the top of the viewfinder.

    Any ideas?

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