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Drawing Tutorials Portrait Drawing How To
Transform your passion for drawing into a successful career as a professional
artist starting now! Learn how to draw both traditionally and digitally. Visit DTO today. Tutorials – Critiques – Coaching – Classes – Member Podcast – Results

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  1. @wha2309 that's right man … practicing makes you perfect and i'm a beginner too if you wanna see my work visit my facebook page search for tom andrson

  2. What school do you teach animation at? I've been looking for a good school somewhere in NY, but I'm having trouble finding good information for a good school where I can study 2d animation and figure drawing.

  3. This is not good, we can only learn if you are doing a good job by comparing your drawing to the picture. Thanks God I know how to make portraits, otherwise I wouldn't learn a thing from you.

  4. ok …every drawing you have posted is at least half way started, what about the process,gesture or whatever you do to start the drawing or is there something you're showing us

  5. one thing about the face that is the most difficult for me is the eyebrows. getting the the right height above the eyes and the shading. But you pulled it off. Great work

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