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DJI Osmo Pocket is The Perfect (tiny) Camera: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

If you are looking for the perfect 4K video and still camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket is for you! In this episode, Mark Wallace explains why he thinks the Osmo Pocket is one of the best cameras ever made. Mark uses actual, real-life footage to show just how well this camera works.

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Special Guests:

Dawn Richard Photography

Valentina Joiu

Alicia Sornosa

Fanny Beladona

Nadia Boulif

Chaz Thomson


Noah Geist

Photos by Mark Wallace

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  1. is the turning on and off the same as gopro? i find gopro a little more work when it comes to turning on and off the camera…i would have to press for a while to turn it on every time (which i hate)

  2. Great review, fits exactly what I was looking for. We travel a lot and I am getting tired of pulling along my osmo mobile 2, mirrorless, iphone, lens, etc. and going 'light'.
    But I am concerned about the stills quality as I do a significant amount of printing.

  3. Adorama camera is just an immoral drop shipper. I have had nothing but
    problems from them regarding an order I made from them through Amazon.
    First, they never mentioned they were drop shippers when I placed the
    order. Second, they refused to provide shipping info, but require
    signature on delivery Third, the order didn't arrive on time despite
    reassurance that it would. Fourth, the same exact product (same code
    number) is now listed on Amazon at a 400 dollar markup. Adorama camera
    is an immoral seller.

  4. So funny: not even a minute into this video, we see dramatic focus hunting in and out, that interrupts a slow pan down the first building exterior. That's why serious videographers aren't using the camera, given its poor autofocus performance.

  5. Super video and very informative. You have a brilliant way of showing this amazing camera. Thank you. I have been looking to get one of these pretty soon and of course been looking on You Tube of which I have seen countless reviews, then I found this video.. wow, this is stunning and all done with the Osmo Pocket.. I don't need convincing anymore…this is just awesome..!!! this is the link I found..

  6. This looks fab. Is it hard to match with other cameras? I'd like to mix with either Panasonic GH5 or Sony A7iii footage (I realise that there will be a quality difference but that's fine for the purposes I want to use it) . I'm ok with colour grading, but I wonder if the picture will fall apart if I start to tweak it in post.

  7. Hi Mark. On DJI Stories, did you know if it is possible to change the text ? I tried, but couldn't find how to do it. I don't want to stick with the text they propose. Thank you for your help and congratulations for the great video

  8. I just bought the Osmo Pocket and one thing I learned from the video is 3click for flipping the camera to selfie mode and vice versa. Thanks for sharing the information. Subscribed and liked👍.

  9. Over-all a great camera for the application. It uses a similar image sensor as the GoPro 7 which makes it relatively easy to mix footage from both cameras together. My only nit with both this and the GoPro is use of 8 bit 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. The footage produced is pretty good if primarily used as-is. However, if you like to do heavy handed color grading then the image can get a little weirded out. Once you've experienced 10 bit 4:2:2 it's tough going back – you have to remind yourself to stay in the box. Otherwise, a very nice choice.

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