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CSS Tutorial: Borders and Backgrounds | Web Development Tutorials #19

► Source Code & Notes:
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  1. those who are facing applying background image write height and width according to that picture ..if you write less height and width than the full picture will not be shown 😊 appropriate height and width are written at the end corner of left side downloaded image

  2. Harry Bro there's no-one who could have taught it any better. Thank you for this series and also for doing it for society i.e. for free, it now even inspires me to do something for this society to make it better. Thank you very much brother. Hope all your wishes come true.

  3. harry sir , i have tried inserting an image into my web page but it doesnt show in web page even after entering the same code that u wrote . I thought that the prob is with the browser but I have tried many browsers but the problem still remains the same . plz help

  4. God bless you sir,
    I am learning full stack development and for that I needed to learn web development.
    I had already learnt python basics and advanced thanks to you sir,
    So, I thought that who can teach programming more efficiently than @CodeWithHarry
    Thankyou so much sir !!

  5. I have a question….
    If we added any image by using url of the image and in future the website from where I copied the image removes it, so there will be no image having url that I copied. So, will my image be removed?

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