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Creative CSS Button Hover Effects | CSS Button Animation On Hover

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  1. Great video. In addition (on 7:09), you better change the transition-delay: 0s; to transition-delay: 0.5s; instead of adding a new transition-delay. the first transition-delay will be overwritten anyway.

  2. Good animation. But here's a critic: don't like that the second word fades-in larger than the button. My personal preference would be fading-in from within the size of the button. Hope that made sense.

  3. Buddy, I got a request for you. Could you please make the navbar a bit titled from its fixed state when we scroll the page. Also the menu items slide down along as the navbar is tilted along with the logo.
    And it returns to its fixed state when we scroll up. Changing the colours will be an added advantage. I hope you got it. Request you to try this for us. Ty in advance! Pleasure to learn from you.

  4. I love your videos. But your intro is too long and tedious, i would love you heard your explainatory voice over the tutorial instead of a generic music. Your channel name is too generic too. You deserve to be Bigger, but i think it require to make some small but important changes. Good luck and great work

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