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Create a PRECISE Grid Overlay in Photoshop

APPLY A CUSTOM GRID EFFECT TO ANY IMAGE IN PHOTOSHOP! | Learn to create a custom, exactly precise grid pattern that will automatically work perfectly with any image in this Photoshop tutorial.


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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll create an exact 1×1 inch pattern overlay that can be placed over any image or graphic. This grid will save with or be printed with the file and can be useful for sketching or building a reference grid over a complicated piece of artwork.

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  1. Great job on the video. The problem for me is this process should not require between 52-55 steps to create a grid. Adobe created this software for professionals in graphic design, for someone who needs to create a grid maybe once or twice a year this is not realistic. Over the years Adobe has marketed more towards the layman but they have a long ways to go to simplify it for us. Again, your video was insightful, thank you..

  2. Hi! It's possible to match the start of the grid from the right-down corner? So that the grid has half squares on the left side of an "off-squared" image instead of the other way around as in the video?

  3. I just needed to create a grid and was really surprised at how complicated this is (relatively speaking), it seems like one of those things that you'd expect to be able to create with 1 or 2 clicks.

  4. i took a print of the grid and paste on an A4 I just need the grid with white background XD but thanks tho I didn't knew how to make the grid 😉 you helped all my rpg party

  5. why do my grid lines extend from the photo where as your grid and grid lines always stay just on the photo not the background. and also mines showing two different grids. photoshop is so stressful.

  6. The fact that you have to do all this to get a grid is fucken ridiculous. WTF photoshop?? In Lightroom its View-Loupe Overlay-Grid. Takes approx 2seconds, not a degree in Photoshop and 30minutes.

  7. Thank you so much!
    I did it without using 'New Grid Layout'
    But I did change my grid measures to the same units of measure as the square pattern I wanted to create.
    So, my rulers were in cms, I made my square pattern 1cm x 1cm
    Took me a while, but I'll never have to make another again. As a copy artist, I am so grateful

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