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Canon XF605 | Canon's best camcorder yet?

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Intro – 00:00
Is this an XF705? – 00:50
Image, Autofocus and Controls – 04:17
Multi Interface Show – 05:34
Workflow – 06:50
Conclusion – 08:49

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  1. I would like in the test that you will make more comparisons in frames (skin tones, landscapes, etc.) with cameras such as c70, c300, as well as comparisons not only in static frames, the video is often dynamic, make a comparison, for example, for stabilization, or show like hand-held high-focal panning and object tracking to this 605 canon, C70, c300, or an airplane in the sky, or a person on a bicycle, football, sports, and the like, video clips are rich in such dynamic fragments and it is very important as such heavy dynamic fragments, including at increased focal lengths, can be captured by this or that camera (canon 605 vs C70)

  2. Finally! I want to retire my two XF305 cameras and I decided to skip the XF400/405 and I can't afford the XF705 so I was looking at the Panasonic AG-CX10-even with its small sensor but I was waiting for a real new XF camcorder from Canon and the 605 may be it…how would this compare to the Panasonic AG-CX10? I know this AG-CX10 is not good in low light…but will Canon XF605 be a low light king? I have used a C100 mk2 several times and of course the super35 sensor is amazing in low light (with a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8) and even at very high ISOs…but I need a camcorder sometimes for sports and live events. Will this XF605 be the best 4k real camcorder for 2021? can't wait for some comparisons…much better than the XF400? etc

  3. ahhh hell no i keep changeing my mind more that well best not go there like the 705 bit to pricey for me so looked at jvc decided on the 550 but now this is ariving oh heck just hope the chip shortages dont hold things up as i know what i have decided for now will be in touch pretty soon

  4. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Was hoping Sony would put out a new "Z90" ish camera that better matches my FX6 and has a 422 10 bit 4k codec, but now strongly considering this XF605.

  5. With XF605, is it possible to manually tweak Gamma profile, i.e. black levels, knee levels, color gain, etc., and then store a custom preset with it?

  6. The XF705 looked so promising but the 2 showstoppers were the hard to work with h.265 codecs for the 10bit 4:2:2 profiles and the price point. So with the XF605 Canon solved those points for me and I might put my trusty old XF305 to the rest.
    BTW, did Canon still give up with any timelapse features in this camera? Making timelapse with the XF305 was pretty annoying – especially the PAL version where you could only get 2 or more consecutive frames per time unit – which made the feature useless. And they stripped the feature out of the XF705 and XF405.

  7. Good review – thank you.

    We use C70/C200/EOSR for film creation and XF305/XF300/XF300 for livestream or ENG.

    …but we have been considering the XF705 to update the ENG but, with 10bit 422 Clog3, it could also be a bit of a crossover for the film creation.

    I'm struggling to understand why now we wouldn't go for the 605 except that we all like the slightly larger form factor.

  8. Does it have more network features apart from the FTP upload? JVC cameras are well served in this are with the connect cam lineup.
    Audio return IFB
    Zixy encoding
    Proxy files to studio


  9. the colors, particularly purple and yellow, look more saturated on the xf705 image. which mode were the images recorded in? is there any reason to think there is a difference in colors between the two cameras?

  10. It may not be a big thing for most ppl but sony MI shoes with their wireless mic is what make me stay with them….never has to worry about battery and xlr cable is a huge blessing….
    20x zoom will be much better for live event though.

  11. Congratulations on the thorough review.

    Canon has created this camera taking the benefits of the PXW Z90V and AG CX350 in an apparently robust body and with the plus of an excellent focus as well as the madness of the different codecs to record in each SD.

    I would like to know how good it is in low light. Thanks and greetings from Lima Peru.

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