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Canon Video Mode Test & Settings featuring the EOS Rebel SL3 (EOS 250D)

We test out the video mode on the new Canon EOS SL3 / 250D / 200D II.

Watch the full Rebel SL3 review :

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  1. This was very informative! Thank you. I just bought this camera to start shooting video for events. Next week I have an engagement video shoot and I am nervous but the video made me a little more at ease. Do you have another video to how to load them into the camera or phone?

  2. I have the same camera and I been trying to get the audio level to show on the camera screen like it is showing on this video and I haven't be able to achieve it yet. Any help will be appreciate it.

  3. Great video. Hoping you can help. I cannot seem to switch between shooting modes. The camera is new for me and when I press the Q button the message reads "not available in current shooting mode" and I cannot change to another mode. It's in AF face tracking mode, and the only option it's giving me is to press INFO, which simply navigates between "enable" and "disable" but nothing esle. I have no options on the right of the screen (as your unit does in this video ie, white balance, picture style, etc …) I do see the shooting options along the bottom but when I press 1 point AF or any of the other focus options, it does nothing. Can you please tell me what might be going on here?

  4. welcome and greet to you
    I have a question I want to buy the first SLR and I wonder what to choose between 77D and 250D what do you suggest the camera should be universal for travel, macro photos, and maybe sometimes for video.
    Of course
    lenses are a separate topic …..
    I mean BODY which will be better at the beginning
    Thank you and best regards

  5. i have this camera and i want to start vlog
    is built in mic is good enough for vlog???
    because in my country the external mic is so expensive and i cant afford it.
    thanks for nswering.

  6. Thank you for this excellent review! The only thing I have reservations about is the touch screen. If that gets damaged somehow, then the whole camera is basically out of commission. As someone with lots of camera experience, do you find the touchscreen to be a liability?

  7. Thanks for the video. How do you test the audio and play it back for the sl3? This seems to be the one drawback that unless ur plugged into a monitor, you can’t get a good play back audio level. And u have to sort of guess the level based on the display

  8. I just bought a Sl3, but it doesn't have 1080p 24fps video mode. Is there any fix for this. Otherwise I'm really shocked to see canon has taken away the 24fps shooting mode.

  9. Hey! Im going on a trip from south to north in Norway, and want to take a camera with me, but i dont want to spend allot of money… So i been checking out used ones, canon 1200D for starters… will this camera be good enough to put on the wall with good quality?

    or do you recommend something else?

    Regards from Norway 🙂

  10. And may I add…you can work this camera with an APP. I jumped from the SL1 to the SL3. The SL1 does not have WiFi where this new Canon does. If you still have the SL3 would you mind doing a review or how to on it? Also, might want to mention the file format is now CR3. The first two weeks (while out on a 10 day shoot) Lr could not read that file format! Give me quite a scare as I couldn’t see my captures on my computer! Now Adobe recognizes the CR3. Keep in mind that the file size fro this RAW file is larger than the CR2.

    Thank you your great videos!!

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