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Canon T8i Tutorial – User Guide

⭐Canon T8i
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  1. Just bought the camera, was messing around and found that the inflash thingy flashes randomly while focusing, and emits a noise like electrical failure, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, anyone else experiencing this? Should I return it?

  2. I use my T8i as a webcam, I have a dummy battery and a HMDI going into a Elgato capture card. I have auto shutoff set to never. but after about 30-45 minutes of using it, it goes to sleep if I click a button on the camera it turns back on. how do i fix this

  3. I got my camera today and I cannot explain how excited I am about it. I learned a lot through your review. You make everything look so easy. You are the best, thank you!

  4. I just bought this Camera, I just got into making video for products and honestly I found the one. You made me understand my camera so easy! Please don't stop making videos. You are really helping us.

  5. Hey there, I loved this video you really taught me a lot about this camera every since I’ve got it I haven’t put it down. But quick question what did you mean at 15:30? I’m new to this field of work and didn’t quite understand could you elaborate a bit more? Thanks again you got a new sub

  6. 3:41 C'mon! Why did you have to spoil it for us? You could've left us wondering what that flick of the switch does till kingdom come!
    Otherwise, awesome tutorial video though.
    That was fun. Make more. Thank you. Cheers! 🤓

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