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Canon T8i (850D) Tutorial by Ken Rockwell

Canon T8i 850D Tutorial by Ken Rockwell
Full Review
I got my T8i at

This video was lit by two made-in-Norway Luxli Cello lights and one Viola2 light, all set to 3,200K at 25%
Stunning stereo sound recorded with two spaced Senal SCM-660 omnidirectional microphones
and Apogee Duet 2 Mic Preamp
SCM660 omni, A45, AUDP 45 2, MP 18, lmt -1
Ken Rockwell® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hello , Mr.Ken! I read the articles on your website and am looking for a camera to start photography.
    I just wanted to ask you if my Camera and lens combo is fine or not.
    Currently am planning to buy an EOS 850D with 70-300 IS USM II canon lens and maybe a prime lens for portraits and close range shots.
    Any Feedback Would be appreciated🤗

  2. Thanks for your videos and all your contributions! I was actually settled on either Fuji XT30 or XT3 for my very first "real" camera (been using smartphones only for many years). After seeing your tutorial and the review of the Canon DSLR, it simply strikes me as sooo much more simple and easy to understand. I understand from your site that you also do like the Fuji's especially for photos of persons – also the JPEGs are great out of the Fuji's. All I want is a great camera to learn photography and doing so by shooting pictures of my family doing everyday things.. 🙂 I wont be sitting hours on end post processing raw files! Thanks again Ken for your enlightening information!

  3. Hello Ken. Have you tried using the T8i as a live stream or webcam? I have not been able to get my T8i to connect to any webcam software. Canon tech support could not figure it out either. I was just wondering if you or anyone has gotten theirs to work as a webcam. If yes, any tips? Thank you.

  4. Hello Mr. Rockwell,

    What do think about the future of DSLRs given your extensive historic knowledge and experience – are we witnessing the twilight of the DSLR cameras and lenses era and the dawn of the mirrorless systems era – or are they going to co-exist?

  5. Thanks for the video to go along with your review article, Ken! I've read a lot of your site, including the "is it worth it?" article….so I won't bother asking that question. I am curious about one thing: When kicking off your T8i review, you say that you LOVE this camera. What is it about the T8i that makes you love it? (The "love" is especially notable when comparing this review to the very favorable review you gave the 90D.)

  6. Yes, Canon isn’t afraid to keep making DSLRs, and some good stuff too. I am one who likes DSLRs over the new mirrorless pickings. Its nice to have choices. 👍

  7. Hi Ken, nice to see your own place in YouTube. You can use an atomos Ninja V to record the screen and monitor of camera and use the footage so viewers can see directly next time. I think that's around 500usd

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