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Canon R6 Settings For Wildlife Photography

Canon R6 Settings For Wildlife Photography with Pangolin Photo Host Charl Stols. Charl has set up the Canon Eos R6 for optimum control of his wildlife photography – including some tips to save battery life and switch quickly between autofocus modes for total creative control.

In this video, Charl will take you through each of the menus and show you exactly what he changes and what he leaves alone. Of course, you may want to set up your Canon R6 in a different way to suit your wildlife photograp[hy ambitions and subject matter but we hope that Charl’s video will show you a few more tips and tricks to make the most of the amazing Canon R6.


0:10 Introduction to The Canon R6
0:50 The Quick Menu
2:00 Shooting Menu
7:30 Autofocus Menu
8:10 Animal Eye Detection
11:40 Playback Menu
12:35 Network Menu
14:05 Custom Function Menu on the Canon R6
15:13 Back Button Focus set up
16:30 Customizing the Canon R6 Buttons
17:11 The My Menu

Welcome to our channel which is dedicated to the wonderful world of wildlife photography. We endeavour to load one new video every week featuring beginner to advanced photo skills, editing tutorials, hacks and gear reviews. We are based in Northern Botswana in The Chobe National Park and we invite you to travel here, either virtually or physically, and we will do our very best to make you a better wildlife and nature photographer. Enjoy the channel.

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  1. Charl, thank you very much for this setup video. {:-)
    I have reviewed several such videos and have found this one to be the most comprehensive.
    As I shoot still subjects, as well as people and animals, I have set up the C1-3 custom options to have a pre-set configuration for the kind of shoot I expect to engage in. One thing I wish the R6 had that the R5 does is the ability to save the configuration settings to the card, as I use two R6's and it's a lot more (unnecessary) work to configure two of them. As I have also got the R5, I have set it up similarly.

  2. Hi Carl. I have now had my R5 which is much the same as the R6 for a few weeks. I have found that using the AF for spot and * for detect to be a little awkward at times as the 2 buttons are not right next to each other and there is a body ridge in between so not so easy to slide across. So I have also added DOF to eye detect and have found that if you spot on to the subject and then I use the DOF as well with the eye detect it locks on and does not appear to lose the subject which happens sometimes on eye detect only. I also have my MF button to toggle bewteen single and high+ shooting as many times the subject is static and no need to fill up the card with endless frames to sort out in post. Lastly I use the control ring for ISO. I normally like you use auto but have found that especially here in the UK where this summer we have had thick cloud nearly every day for months I find that 6400 ISO even using DXO still cannot give me the sharpness I want, so reducing to 3200 using the ring which is really fast helps even and I can adjust in LRC or photoshop post. Thanks for your other suggestions there is always something to learn about these cameras after coming from a 1DX.

  3. Hi Charl. I really appreciate your explanation. I have a bit of an issue with my Half-press AF after following your recommended settings. It's a bit too long to write here. Can I have your email address please? Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the very informative video! I like the tip on using the star button to eye focus when using point AF. Would you explain why you would use this instead of just using the tracking mode?

  5. Hi an excellent review and most helpful recommendations, I am considering a purchase, but am undecided whether the more expensive R5 is a better option for wildlife photography, as you are aware cropping an image is usually needed, and with a 20 mg sensor one can finish up with a 5–6 mg image, ??what is your view please

  6. Thanks for this Charl, it's proved invaluable. I saved it to my watch later list until I got my R6, which was only 2 days ago, and having watched this I'm now a happy bunny with it's auto focussing capability and performance, Thank you once more.

  7. Thanks Charl for this very helpful video. I purchased the body yesterday and set it up like you do. I also like to have the same settings than on my Canon 5D IV to avoid confusing. But it is still going to take a while before I get familiar with all the different options.

  8. Thanks Charl for an amazing video.The only setting i am confused with is the exposure comp. do you assign that to another button as i cannot seem to adjust mine seems like its doing it automatically according to the light.There is moments that with top dial nearest the af-on button i can adjust the exposure.I have set my iso to auto.

  9. I have recently purchased the Canon R6. Can you suggest the best settings for BIF? This is one of my biggest challenges at the moment with the R6. I using the the Canon EF 100-400mm IS mk2.
    I obtain quicker and better focus with the 7D mk2 and the same lens.

  10. Hello, first of all I follow your channel for a long time. I live in Turkey in Istanbul. My name is İsmail. I am currently using a Canon 7D mark 2 body and a Sigma 150-600 Sport lens. I want to replace the body. It would be a better combination with my existing lenses whether I buy an R5 or R6? I know you use Sigma lenses too. Have you made such an experiment? With which lens I can get a better result with my current body? By the way, I don't shoot a lot of video, so I don't need the R5's video features. Thank you in advance…

  11. Hi Carl, Absolutely loved your video. Thanks a ton. I currently own a 5d Mk 4 and a 5D mk 3 (both in excellent condition). I would like to upgrade my mk 3 – would you recommend the 1DX or the mirrorless 5? Should I eventually work towards getting a 1DX and a mirrorless 6 or 5? Regards, to Sabine also. Elize

  12. Can the mfn button on theR6 be programmed to initiate video? I believe in the R5 it’s possible

    Super video as usual. I’ll be definitely joining one of your Safaris!

  13. Hey Charl, great video. Are you going to do a review of the 90D as I saw it in the bag that Guts received from Canon? I got the impression that you guy's were going to review all the gear from the bag? Hope you guy's are all well. Regards, Ian

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