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Canon R5 Tips & Tricks for Video // 5 Things You Need to Know

Everything I’ve learned after 3 months with the Canon R5
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  1. Do you have any idea why my iPad will not accept any all-i footage, clog footage, or 8k? Only 4k IPB will work, and I can’t find anyone who has brought up the same issue. I have the new m1 iPad 12.9” 2021 5th Gen. It is driving me absolutely nuts.

  2. Thanks for the video, I have a question. How do I set the movie record button to pick C1 by default to shoot with my custom settings?

  3. How do you enable 10-bit? That's the real thing that's been driving me INSANE

    Especially at 4K 120p. It's not clear at all what enables 10-bit for any of the shooting modes/framerates.

    edit: 13:35, is this *confirmed* by Canon as the ONLY WAY to enable 10-bit? I thought the 4K HQ mode also did this, just not in 120p?

  4. Hi! I’ve been attempting to set up my custom shooting modes for video, and they all say “C1 P”. I noticed your options say “C1 M” which is what I need to have control my shutter speed, aperture, etc… Please help!

  5. Hey Dan, so the file sizes are astronomical with this camera when shooting all-i modes, and the cards aren't cheap. I'm considering doing more ipb shoots moving forward and my initial tests with motion haven't really revealed any visual differences? Thoughts?

  6. great Video. What is in your opinion the highest possible Qualitiy mode, wich does not run into overheating (under normal surrounding temperatur eg. 20Celsius)

  7. Preparing for a shoot with the R5, this video is worth gold! So much info, very well done. I had to scroll back a few times to get it all. Brilliant! Best regards

  8. Can someone with an r5 upload in 8K to youtube so I can actually see
    something on my Sony Z9G 8k TV? :). Out of 200 videos on this camera
    they are all in 4k only.

  9. Thanks for this guide. What is the HDMI output to external recorder when the camera is set to internal recording of 8K raw? I plan to use this web streaming or connected Atomos Shogun in a rig.

  10. So much value in this video! Thank you 🙏🏼 Sorry if I missed it, but do we also need to crop in 4K 120, like 4K 60, for optimal sharpness?

  11. I know that for sharper C Log in the eos R we had to increase the sharpness or "strength" settting. Is this something to do as well in the R5?

  12. Is the quality of 4k60 cropped to 4k30 cropped?
    10:40 – Why do you suggest using full frame mode for low light? Wouldnt it be better to use full frame HQ?

  13. BE CAREFUL, pretty much ALL settings (like WB, ISO, IBIS, etc.) are stored and changed when you switch custom shooting modes. So in plenty of cases, it's easier to just change the recording format. I think that tip needs this disclaimer, or else it can cause people trouble. peace

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