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Canon Quick Tips: The Importance of Histograms

In this episode of Canon Quick Tips, Canon Technical Advisor Eric Stoner explains what a histogram is and how you can use it to consistently get great exposures with your digital camera.

Learn more about the EOS R:
Learn more about the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000:

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  1. Like everyone else, thank you — great explanation! One simple question: In the images at 4:16 and 5:05, why is the histogram still running off the left side of the graph. Are these both examples of those intentional times when you might want this? I'm confused b/c you give 4:16 a "thumbs up" but it seems underexposed according the the histogram (even though the photo looks lovely). Thank you again!!

  2. Talk about how the Histogram is basically a statistic representation of averages in a Real Limits' graph… its pure math so we as photographers should be aware that math is important (many of whom undertake art as a way to avoid math, think again… fibonacci anyone!) so, here is a boring video about the origin of a basic histogram and of course combine this knowledge with real life practice and you'll be more brain equipped than most… thanks!

  3. Hey.. canon I am facing some technical problem in my lens
    18-135mm f3.5 to 5.6 it is always keeps the aperture at f 5 it couldn't get at lower 😭😭
    After the firmware update 2.5.0
    Plz give me a solution….πŸ™πŸ™

  4. That was the BEST explanation of the histogram I've seen so far plus I didn't know about camera's highlight alert! THANK YOU πŸ™

  5. Hello Eric, thank you for the 'simple explanation' of how histograms work on cameras. After watching your video, I got out my Canon T7 and began using this feature to help me with my exposure adjustments. I tried it in low light situations and it really helped. Thanks again! JL.

  6. Sir, I have a question about Instagram, I have to upload a full size photo on Instagram, but whenever I try, the photo gets blurred, can you make a video about it? On the one hand, even after running photoshop, the photo does not upload well, sir.

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