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Canon Quick Tips: Guide to Black and White Photography

In this episode we dive deep into our EOS Cameras and reveal the not-so secret menus to shoot in Black and White photography. Stay tuned as we’ll also share a Pro Tip to keep your color data!

Learn more about the EOS R6:
Learn more about the RF35mm F1.8 IS Macro STM:

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  1. Thanks for the great tip. I shoot a 6D. You showed the filter effects. I couldn't find those setting. Is it only available with the new mirrorless or is it hiding in my settings. Thanks in advance if you answer.

  2. I have a T5I and see settings for RAW plus most of the settings it shows in the video here but I do not see one for JPRG. Am I missing something or is that not an option with my T5I?

  3. Being a kid of the 70s, LOL. I grew up shooting black and white with Tri-x Pan 400 with a Pentax Spotmatic.
    Now I have the Canon EOS RP.
    Thank you for re-enlighting me about this Picture Style format.
    I love B&W photography.
    I wish I could send you a photo that I just took. 🐢 📷 🐢 📷 🐢 📷

  4. Great video. Been messing with this feature for some time with my Canon T6s. I actually took one of my custom user profiles, instead of using the standard monochrome profile and customized it for my own style of B&W shooting (Higher contrast, filters, etc.). Good tip to shoot in raw and high quality jpeg to preserve that in camera B&W and have the raw file to play with in LR.

  5. That's so cool! I have been using it since I discovered it about a week of getting my R5, I relate to you because I started in 1979 with the AE 1 and then with the A1, I haven't had any other than Canon, I haven't even tried any other brand in my 40+ years in photography.
    But I gotta thank you because I hadn't thought about shooting in both Raw and Jpeg even though I only shoot in Raw.
    Thank for the tip!

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