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Canon Quick Tips: Camera Aperture Explained

Welcome to the Canon Quick Tips series! Are you a beginner to photography or are you looking expand skill set? Do you have questions on how to get that professional look in your photos?

In this episode, Sr. Marketing Specialist Mason will explain aperture and how to use f-stops to get a shallow depth of field. So sit back and tune in for our first installment of Canon Quick Tips!

Learn more about the EOS R5:

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  1. When I shoot my Canon 70D with my EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens at full zoom 250 in the daylight and the distance is 30 ft. (infinity), my depth of field appears to be less than an inch. Any way to increase DoF without buying a much more expensive and heavier lens?

  2. No novelty. Only the basics. But really what do these numbers f/1.8, f1/2.4 etc mean? Are them distance measured between the blades? Really! Canon needs to create a ring, wiht declick, for aperture in all its top L lenses. This aperture ring could stay near the exposure ring.

  3. Very good content and very easy to understand what was explained. I actually grabbed my camera while watching and followed along. Keep sending more 'Canon Quick Tips'. Very much appreciated. Thanks Mason :). JL

  4. I get it… but I would have liked to hear a slightly scientific explanation of depth of field. WHY are backgrounds not in focus with a wide open aperture vs. everything in focus when closed. Instead you simply explained what the different apertures looked like. A simple illustration would also be good.

  5. Yes, even the so called experienced shooter like myself can forget the basics like increasing the exposure compensation when stopping down the lens. Keep up the good work and YES keep the videos coming. Thanks

  6. Whats with the Bokeh trend lately? its getting ridiculous, ive seen photos where the background is unnoticeable even though the subject is 1 ft away. I really hope this trend stops. New "Photographers" have really bad composition, no story telling, no creativity, but BOKEH overkill, and they actually think its good. Make it stop!
    Please bokeh responsibly, moderately..

  7. I take all of my pictures at f/8. If you see a picture not at f/8 it was taken by someone else. That's my signature f stop. Please no one else use it.

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