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Canon M50 Mark II – [GREAT little Camera!]

Canon M50 Mark II is a great little camera for Photography and Vlogging.
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00:00 Intro
00:23 Disclaimer
01:05 Specifications
02:01 Usability
03:00 Customizability
03:40 Image Quality
04:35 Sample Images
05:09 Video Features part 1
05:51 Sound sample with DM-E100
06:01 Video Features part 2
07:20 Vertical video
08:25 What did I like?
09:19 Watch Next!

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  1. I think Canon M50 Mark ii is a better Vlogging camera than Sony ZV E10 for
    1. Extremely bad & annoying JELLO effect of Rolling Shutter on 4K video on Sony ZV E10 but Canon M50 Mark ii is not suffering in this category which is very important for Vloggers.
    2. Canon M50 Mark ii has a great feature YouTube Live Streaming with Wifi network where no Cable or no Computer required for Live Streaming which is another great feature for Vloggers coz using only mobile internet or Wifi YouTube Live Streaming possible. But on Sony ZV E10 Cable & Computer is required for YouTube Live Streaming which is not suitable for Vloggers.
    3. For entry Level Users Canon M50 Mark ii has easier Menu System & best footage on Auto Mode with natural color.

  2. That's a nice camera, but I'll never go for it because: 1) the Mark II is just a Mark I with a firmware update, it should hace been a free update for the owners. 2) Canon seems to have abandoned the EF-M system.

  3. I really like the images it produces that's why I use olympus and canon and also I think the sistem has enough lenses the m at least for me. You can use a speedbooster and the 50mm 1.8 and get almost ff dof results

  4. the biggest problem of EF-M mount is native lens choice, of course you can buy the adaptor for EF lens, but buying heavy dslr lens on mirrorless body is really worth it (weight and cost)? and without 3rd party lens the mount look already dead …

  5. Hei, I just bought a Olympus OmD-Em!0 Mark 4…… and I love it! Maybe not for pixelpeepers, but the handling of Olympus cameras is by far the best, and you never talk about it. (I had a Nikon Z7 (total shit) and a Fuji X-pro 2, a Fuji X-t30 and a GFX 50s…. working with the basic Olympus is much better than all these. But If you have to praise Canon, please never again appear on Olympus channel. Thank you.

  6. Nice to see another brand 🤭 Good because there are not really bad cameras anymore. Personally, I use both Sony and Olympus, but Canon and Nikon also have really nice offerings and ergonomics. Choices enough which is good for us, photographers 😁. Nice review

  7. If only they make a smaller, wide angle EF-M lens. The Sigma 16mm is great, but way too big on this and other EF-M cameras. Plus, 25mm often is not wide enough. They need to make a 12mm/2.0 AF, similar to what Samyang just released for Sony. Combined with their own 22, 32 (these two are great btw) and Sigma 56, that would be all the system needs.

  8. More than 90% of the laptops and computers people that have cannot process photo files larger than 26 mp and video resolution higher than 1080p. If anyone wants a FF camera with all the bells and whistle, they should upgrade their computer first. My main complaint is that the original M50 should have been what the M50 mark ii is.

  9. Thanks for the review and the shots are lovely. And yeah, no doubt that the M50II video mode is pretty good for the money, but I feel like Canon would need to do a lot more in the lens department for smaller sensors in general.

  10. Funny that I'm tempted to pay more for the M6II and then pay extra to buy a viewfinder to bring it back up to the level of the M50. But the M6 looks so much cooler!

  11. The M50 is the camera people need, not the camera they think they want. Even dual pixel at 1080 isn't limiting when you consider the platforms most video is posted on.

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