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Canon M50 Full Tutorial Training Overview

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Equipment Michael Uses:

Michael’s Training Videos:

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Chapter List:

00:00 – Intro
04:24 – Camera Setup
07:00 – External Buttons
13:20 – LCD INFO
22:15 – Black Info screen
30:50 – Shooting Modes
31:32 – Full Auto
32:02 – Aperture Priority Mode
36:43 – M-Fn Button
39:30 – Exposure Compensation
44:57 – Shutter Priority Mode
48:02 – Program Mode
49:50 – Manual Mode
53:13 – Focusing Systems
53:31 – How To Focus
54:29 – When To Focus – Focusing Modes
55:32 – Recomposing
56:41 – Where To Focus – Focusing Squares
01:00:13 – Face Tracking
01:02:18 – Eye Detection
01:03:27 – Manual Focusing
01:07:30 – MF Peaking
01:09:22 – White Balance
01:14:37 – Metering Modes
01:17:15 – Exposure Lock
01:18:14 – Built-In Flash
01:23:17 – Video Settings
01:33:18 – Deep Menu System
01:34:18 – Red Tab – Shooting Settings
01:34:29 – Image Quality
01:34:57 – Still omg Aspect Ratio
01:35:00 – Image review
01:35:02 – Lens aberration correction
01:35:30 – Flash Control
01:35:42 – Drive Mode
01:36:01 – Expo.comp / AEB
01:37:02 – ISO Speed Settings
01:37:33 – Auto Lighting Optimizer
01:37:39 – Metering Timer
01:37:46 – Expo. Simulation
01:38:04 – White Balance
01:38:12 – Color Space
01:38:18 – Picture Style
01:38:21 – Long exp. noise reduction
01:38:27 – High ISO speed NR
01:38:37 – Dust Delete Data
01:38:48 – Touch Shutter
01:38:45- Touch & Drag AF settings
01:40:43 – MF Peaking Settings
01:40:46 – IS settings
01:40:51 – Movie Quality
01:40:56 – Movie Servo AF
01:41:03 – btn function
01:41:22 – Auto slow shutter
01:42:12 – Blue Tab – Playback
01:42:33 – RAW image processing
01:42:42 – Red-eye correction
01:42:55 – Rating
01:44:19- AF point disp.
01:44:28 – View from last seen
01:44:02 – Playback Information display
01:44:44 – Yellow Tab – Select Folder
01:44:43 – Select Folder
01:45:10 – File numbering
01:45:17 – Auto rotate
01:45:11 – Format Card
01:45:39 – GPS settings
01:46:15 – HDMI HDR output
01:46:28 – Beep
01:46:35 – Shooting info. Dis.
01:46:48 – VF info/toggle settings
01:46:59 – Custom Functions (C.Fn)
01:47:04 – ISO expansion
01:47:10 – Safety Shift
01:47:15 – Release shutter w/o lens
01:47:25 – Retract lens on power off
01:47:32 – Custom Controls
01:48:26 – Back Button Focusing
01:49:57 – Clear settings
01:49:58 – Copyright information
01:50:06 – Manual/software URL
01:50:12 – Firmware
01:50:27 – Green Tab – My Menu
01:51:45 – Canon Camera Connect App Setup
01:52:06 – WiFi Settings
01:53:18 – Connecting to Canon Camera Connect App
01:56:25 – Remote Live View Shooting
01:59:24- Auto Transfer
01:59:45 – Location information
02:00:47- Michael’s Canon M50 Lens Recommendations

* Michael The Maven is a participant in the B&H Photo Video affiliate program that provides an advertising commission if you purchase through our links.

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  1. It's a year later and as a PhD student, I've been reviewing this small amounts at à time. (because of my intense class and study schedule). This video, coupled with your actual class that I purchased is outstanding. In my opinion, you literally surpass my college professors with your ability to teach. Your class was well worth the purchase. I'm still here reviewing, and it gets easier to understand. Thank you… thank you.

  2. So much great info. I'm basically watching bit by bit so I don't feel overwhelmed..I just got my first camera last week and finally opened the box today. No idea how to use it yet 🙂

  3. This video is very good at going through all details without assuming the viewer already knows something as well as leaving what is important up to the viewer to decide but oh god how irritating the redundancy is. This video could be upwards of three times shorter if you just didn’t repeat everything in three slightly different ways all the time. Repetition is a good thing for learning, but in a video format, if I need repetition, I just go back! It’s just a time sink to hear everything so many times.

  4. Thanks Michael 🙂 two days to see your video tutorial, my brain is ko but I'm ready for the m50 :)))
    I bought the used white eos m50 with one year of warranty left, after several studies on which camera to buy.
    For the videos for now I will do with the standard 15-45, I will buy the 35-80 f 4-5.6 lens, cheap to start my digital journey. what do you think about 35-80?

  5. I'm only half way through this video and have learned so much already. I don't even have this camera yet. I have been thinking about it for weeks, just waiting on income tax. Only thing is I am going to get the M50 Mark II. It's basically the same camera with a few new features so this video is awesome. This will be my first nice camera EVER so I figured I would go with the Mark II. Any chance of you adding a tutorial for the additional new features on that one? Thanks so much for this. It has helped me make up my mind on whether or not to purchase this. Other cameras are out of my budget as I will need some lenses too. (I will get your crash course when the camera gets here).

  6. Thanks for the help, using this new camera properly is going to make a vast improvement to my YouTube output as well as my upcoming Online Tuba Course. These tutorials here are much more convenient than reading the tiny instruction booklet, thank you!

  7. Got my M50 about 3 hours ago. Newb that caught the photgraphy bug. I know literally nothing and this video (after looking at many while waiting for my camera to show up) is the perfect lesson for new student. Definite way to lessen the frustration level. Thanks for taking the time to go into such great detail and creating the timeline. You definitely hit the mark.

  8. Just a note of thanks for the amount of time you put into this Micheal. When people ask me to recommend a specific camera, I always tell them to look at YouTube reviews. And in this case, watching this video sealed the deal for me. I did chuckle a bit, with all the focus being on a beginner camera – it really is beyond beginner, but Canon allows new users to keep things basic while you learn how to use all available features. Most reviewers will tell you Canon menus are logical and intuitive. It's so easy to jump between using my M50 and my 5D. My M50 is a travel camera…especially when I am with a group. Light and smaller, it's a joy to carry around. And the best part, is that Canon made the adaptor to allow usage of EF-s and EF lenses. I put that adaptor on and tested my 70-200 L lens and my 16-35L…and the output is simply excellent. Another lens to recommend is the 40mm F pancake – ultra thin and yet as crisp as the nifty 50 , 50/1.8.

    Now, if only the adaptor provided an added control ring to use as an aperture control (like Canon did with the R5/R6 adaptor).

  9. Great video! Learning lots. Is there such a thing as a perfect setting for a sunrise or sunset? My foreground is clear and background is blurry? Struggling with AV.

  10. Question: I was trying to shoot a vlog at the beach today and the camera keeps focusing in and out blurring (this keeps happening on all of my Canon's and is so frustrating) do you have any advice for this situation? Thank you for taking the time to make this video and all the table of contents in the description box. Amazing work, brilliant mind and super pleasant instructing voice 🙂 Mahalo!

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