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Canon M50 Camera photography I best Camera 2020 I Best Vlogging camera for YouTube.

Which is the best camera for YouTube with a flip screen?
Which is the best mirrorless camera for YouTube?
Which is the best Canon camera for YouTube?
Which is the best camera for YouTube? Canon or sony?
Which is the best camera for vlogging?
which is the perfect budget camera for youtube?
which is the best camera for photography?
This video covers the Canon M50 photography and video.

This is Zeeshan Khan here, I am a Tinny You tuber. I am a Vlogger as well.I make videos on cooking, Travelling, capturing nature, and sometimes I give views on some products as well. I used Canon M50 Camera for photography. I Took pictures of nature I mean I have captured photos of some flowers. I used canon M 50 Camera with lens 15mm to 45 mm canon lens.

Canon, Nikon, camera Canon M50 camera.

I make videos for the public, I will be really thankful to all viewers.

These pictures are taken #Pakistan #Abbottabad.
Abbottabad is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan.
I make videos on the beauty of Abbottabad & other beautiful cities of Pakistan.
I am interested in making videos at nature & other types of videos as well.
I will make videos on

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