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Canon M50 4K Autofocus TIPS ! | 3 TIPS to NAIL 4K AF on Canon M50

Are you struggling using the 4K in the Canon M50 because of the autofocus? In today’s video I’ll be sharing with everyone 3 TIPS to assist you in nailing the autofocus when shooting 4K on the Canon M50 every time.

If you want more Canon M50 tips or Canon M50 video tests, check out my playlist: Canon M50 User’s Guide:

▶ What is focus peaking?

0:00 Canon M50 4K Autofocus TIPS ! | 3 TIPS to NAIL 4K AF on Canon M50 – Intro
0:39 Keep a high contrast between background and foreground
0:57 One point Autofocus
2:40 Focus Peaking


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  1. This is a great video. Got my first camera of this style, canon m50 mark two literally yesterday… So far its been difficult to get the focus right in 4k, but I think this will help a bit. 1080 just does not look good 🙁

  2. hello, I'm Victoria and I'm using canon M50 to make videos and photos. I think your channel is very helpful. I would like to have more advices from you about the M50. Could you please subscribe my channel and help me. You can put comments directly on my channel. I'm new youtuber and I'm from Paris. Sorry if my english is not really good. I try my best lol. My first video will be broadcast online October 17th. I realize photographic journeys in Paris. Hope I can see you on my channel. Thanks so much.

  3. The 4k auto focus on my M50 is garbage for the reasons you stated above ! Also you can use the focus button to focus in real quick then hit it again for manual focus so it wont search for focus in your shot if you happen to be moving some ! Over all though its not good 🙁 Really no good way to use auto focus in 4k with a moving shot .

  4. Heyyy I am new and im looking for a cámara to do makeup tutorials , do you think this one is a good choice ??? What do you think between canon M50 or 80D???

  5. WHOA. I'm watching this video from my computer and it's broken up the time bar into the different sections from your video. I've never seen it pop up like that. That's nuts! Do you know anything about that? Is it a bot or did you do anything? It's broken up perfectly for each of your 3 points…not sure what it looks like on the phone. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Thank you for this. I just have a question: Can I use these tips when doing a beauty/skin care vlog? I really want to achieve autofocusing the products while doing the vlog continuously. Thank you.

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