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Canon G7X Mark II review + video test- tips on buying a SECOND HAND CAMERA online

I bought my Canon G7X Mark II aka my dream camera late last year and decided to get a second hand one to save some money! At some point I had 2 G7X Mark II’s with me at some point because of some rookie mistakes buying online huhu learn from this video so you don’t make the same mistakes when buying online!

I also shared some clips of the camera etc. If you want to see some comparison videos between the G7x Mark II vs iphone 8 or vs Canon M10 just let me know in the comments below!

This was filmed in December of 2020
✨Products Mentioned✨

Canon G7X Mark II
I bought mine from a seller on

For full specs please check
Canon PH:

You can also buy a brand-new one here

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money however, this post may contain affiliate links meaning if you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my channel 🙂
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Music by – Blossom via @hellothematic

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  1. ✨Timestamps ✨
    0:00 INTRO
    0:18 Canon M10 Footage
    0:54 Canon G7X Mark II Footage
    1:36 why did I buy a new camera?
    2:07 why second-hand vs brand new? + prices
    2:30 how much did you get it?
    2:40 why mark ii and not the mark iii?
    3:02 tips on buying a second hand camera
    3:11 dead spots
    3:58 sample of dead spots
    4:51 test the audio + wifi + camera aesthetic + autofocus
    7:05 tips on buying from Carousell
    7:24 my arrangement with the seller
    8:04 inclusions of my camera
    8:44 vlog test around the house
    12:08 canon m10 vs canon g7x mark ii vs iphone 8?? LMK 🙂

  2. Your driving vlog was the first video I watched from your channel. That time I was also struggling from anxiety but after watching that vlog, I gained courage to drive by myself. I might vlog about it soon. I also checked other videos on your channel and I saw your self care vids. Those are the kinds of vids that I like to watch from other youtubers. Your m10 camera looks the same with my my canon m100 which I use to take pics but not that much for videos because it's a little bit heavy. Your secondhand g7x is a good buy. 💯

  3. Nice. Will remember your tips if i finally decide to buy a camera. Buying 2nd hand camera is still okay. Just buy according to budget and needs. Nice camera and review as always, Annelle!

  4. SOBRANG HELPFUL FOR SMALL YOUTUBERS LIKE ME WHO ARE ON A BUDGET 🥺🥺 In-depth review pls yang dalawa yung legit na ina-eye ko pag nakapag ipon na 🥺🥺🥺

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