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Canon F-789SGA Calculator Techniques

Let’s go through the different functions of the Canon F-789SGA calculator and how you can use them in the Civil Engineering Board Exam.

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  1. For this calculator, prang need mo talaga mag extra simplify ng equation kse kpag sa eqn ka na indi pa na simplify, iba yung sagot esp. if may trig functions, fractions, and etc. Unlike sa casio 991/570 no need na mag extra simplify or baka depende nlng sa equation. Worst is ang tagal pa ng shift solve ng canon f789sga. Pero no worries kse d2 nka practice ako ng solving speed (hand written) ko pra iwas consumed ng time sa shift solve 😂.

  2. Last na question Engr. what if ang question po is what is the total amount upon the deposit of the sixth payment? Pano po yun iiinput sa calcu na wala na yung times 1.07 in terms of summation method sa calcu

  3. Thank you Engr! More caltech videos pa po with this calcu. Alternative review way pag nagrerelax naman sa books, tutorial naman. Hoho more power!

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