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Canon EOS R Tutorial | FULL User Guide and Features

Buy The Canon EOS R Digital Camera

In today’s tutorial, we take an in-depth look at the Canon EOS R Camera and discuss all the features and settings! This tutorial features a product tour and simple user guide explanation of the main functions, buttons and dials of the Canon EOS R to help you get started with your new camera. Timestamps for each section and feature are below. Feel free to jump around! Canon EOS R Tutorial | Complete User Guide and Features.

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0:26 – Buttons, Ports and Connections
2:13 – Rear Panel
4:16 – Camera Setup (Video)
5:03 – Setting your Video Quality and Frame Rate
6:13 – Audio and Sound Settings
6:36 – Setting Your Timecode
7:16 – Image Stabilization
8:11 – Timelapse Settings
8:45 – Remote Control Settings
8:48 – Setting Your Exposure
8:52 – Setting Your ISO
10:07 – Setting your White Balance
10:38 – Setting a Custom White Balance
11:33 – Canon LOG (C-LOG) Settings
12:08 – Autofocus Settings
12:15 – Setting your AF Method
13:18 – Eye AutoFocus
13:26 – Touch and Drag Settings
14:32 – Manual Focus Settings
14:58 – AF Tracking Settings
15:50 – Playback settings
16:40 – Image Transfer settings
17:00 – Image cropping settings
18:05 – Playback information settings
19:38 – Camera Settings Menu
19:40 – Selecting a folder
19:55 – File numbering
21:00 – Power Settings
21:29 – Display settings
21:45 – Date, Time, and Language settings
21:51 – Video and Battery System information
22:19 – Sensor Cleaning
22:54 – HDMI Output Settings
23:06 – Shooting Display information
24:04 – Manual Focus Distance Display
24:39 – Viewfinder Display Settings
25:08 – Shutter Button Function
25:39 – Wireless Communication Settings
26:58 – Multifunction Lock
27:17 – Custom Shooting Modes
28:05 – Exposure Menu Settings
29:31 – Shutter Speed and Aperture Range
30:19 – Custom Button Settings
30:57 – Custom Dial Settings
31:32 – M-Fn Touch bar Settings
32:08 – Information settings
33:23 – Clear Custom Settings
33:35 – Custom Menu Settings
33:58 – Photo mode Settings


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  1. How long it takes for download photos in RAW + jpg's? to me is 2 minutes per pair, Is that possible? if I have 350 pics per day it take me 700 minutes!!! WHY? Is there any way to download faster than that?
    Thank you if you can answer this question

  2. This video is incredibly helpful and so in depth. I just recently purchased this camera, but I noticed that the menu settings are missing some pages? For example, on the camera setting there is only one page instead of four. Any idea why that might be? 🥲

  3. 32:30 because it helps seeing your subject/landscape in a different way up front. I actually love that feature, it helps to simulate the feeling of shooting different film cameras, f.e. a hasselblad is mostly 6×6 (1×1), or a mamiya 645 is 6×4,5 of course, and so on. Thanks for the great video!

  4. Good video, but I would like to point out that on page one of the AF menu Continuous AF should be DISABLED when in photo mode, because if left on (or enabled) and you like to reframe your subject w/o moving your focus point, the camera will refocus. Also, I’m not sure why many reviewers dislike the Touch Bar? I think it’s a very handy feature of this camera. Adding the one second lock makes this a nice feature when assigning the iso. I appreciate your video and it’s the best eos R video currently on YouTube in my humble non-pro opinion. Thanks!

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